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Swine flu in the air? Fear not. You can try th­ese sim­ple Ayurvedic home remedies which are proven to keep swine flu at bay:

1. Con­sume five to six thor­oughly washed tulsi (holy basil) leaves early in the morn­ing on an empty stom­ach. This keeps the lungs and throat clear of in­fec­tion and helps strengthen im­mu­nity.

2. Reg­u­larly con­sum­ing turmeric milk is a great way to keep colds and coughs away as turmeric has strong antiseptic prop­er­ties. 3. Giloi ( tinospora cordi­fo­lia) is ef­fec­tive in strength­en­ing im­mu­nity.

4. Con­sum­ing two gar­lic pods with a glass of luke­warm water in the morn­ing is a great way to build im­mu­nity.

5. Cit­rus fruits like or­anges, lemons, amla etc are high in vi­ta­min C and a great way to pre­vent colds.

6. Pranayam ex­er­cises like ka­palb­hati and an­u­lom vilom strengthen the re­s­pi­ra­tory sys­tem and are ben­e­fi­cial in keep­ing the body for­ti­fied against ill­nesses like swine flu.

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