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Say good­bye to pe­riod cramps with th­ese ab­so­lutely su­per nat­u­ral tips...

1. A Dan­ish study has shown that con­sum­ing fish oil and Vi­ta­min B-12 for three months, greatly al­le­vi­ates pe­riod cramps.

2. NIH re­searchers say a mag­ne­sium-rich diet works won­ders for pe­riod cramps. Mag­ne­sium can be eas­ily found in av­o­cado, ba­nana, dark choco­lates, leafy veg­gies and pump­kin seeds. Munch on!

3. Brian King from the Univer­sity Col­lege, Lon­don, re­ports that heat ther­apy like soak­ing in a hot bath or us­ing a hot water bag re­lieves pe­riod cramps.

4. An Ira­nian study has shown that gen­tle ex­er­cises like walk­ing or do­ing yoga is a great re­liever too.

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