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I’m in love with an older man who also hap­pens to be mar­ried and has a son. I know that this isn’t right and several peo­ple have told me to for­get about him. How­ever, he is not some­one I can just cut out of my life. Be­sides this, he is al­ways so lov­ing and car­ing with every­one around him that I just can’t ig­nore or change how I feel. Please help.

Ra­jvi Singh, Mum­bai

It seems like it’s in­fat­u­a­tion! You seem to be liv­ing for the present, but you need to think about so­ci­ety and both your fam­i­lies as well.

Af­ter my grand­mother passed away, my fam­ily has started fight­ing over her prop­erty. It has got­ten so bad that it has now been taken to court. My grand­mother al­ways wanted every­one to be happy and live peace­fully. How do I con­vince them to re­solve this?

Noopur Ra­jhans, Delhi It’s re­ally sad when a fam­ily fights over prop­erty. Since it’s trou­bling you so much, take the lead and call a meet­ing with the full fam­ily. Try to talk things out; make sure you ex­plain to them what is trou­bling you. Get­ting a neu­tral per­son to ar­bi­trate will also help.

My boyfriend is ex­tremely pos­ses­sive. He has got it in his head that I’m see­ing other peo­ple and has even started check­ing if I’m with who I say I am. It’s very frus­trat­ing. But apart from that, he is a good guy so I don’t want to break it off. Is there any way I can get him to back off or is dump­ing him the only way out?

She­fali Vasani, Su­rat

If you re­ally love your boyfriend and you are surely not cheat­ing on him, sit him down and talk about it. Try to earn his con­fi­dence. But if his be­hav­iour con­tin­ues, you need to se­ri­ously think about whether you want to con­tinue in this re­la­tion­ship.

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