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Serves 4


800 gm chicken legs, bone­less

60 gm gin­ger-gar­lic paste

80 gm lemon juice

500 gm pome­gran­ate juice

40 gm Kash­miri red chilli paste

40 gm garam masala pow­der

80 gm hung curd

50 gm cheese, grated

80 ml fresh cream

20 gm sugar

30 gm salt

5 gm black pep­per

30 gm green chill­ies, chopped

80 gm co­rian­der leaves, chopped

100 ml mus­tard oil


1. In a pan, add the po­mo­granate juice and re­duce to half or un­til it’s thick. Add the sugar and let it cook till it gets a glaze.

2. Mar­i­nate the chicken with gin­ger-gar­lic paste, lemon juice and salt. 3. In a sep­a­rate bowl, mix together curd, Kash­miri chilli paste, garam masala, cheese, mus­tard oil, co­rian­der leaves, green chill­ies, glazed po­mo­granate juice and black salt.

4. Add the chicken to the above mix­ture and mar­i­nate.

5. Cook the mar­i­nated chicken in a tan­door or pan un­til done.

6. Serve.

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