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Serves 4


200 gm pa­neer

10 gm salt

5 gm car­damom pow­der

5 gm white pep­per pow­der

10 gm gin­ger-gar­lic paste

10 gm green chill­ies, chopped

10 gm co­rian­der leaves, chopped

15 gm cashew nut paste

50 gm ghee

20 gm cream cheese

1 lemon, juiced

50 gm curd


1. Mar­i­nate the pa­neer with gin­ger-gar­lic paste, salt and lemon juice. Leave aside for an hour.

2. In a bowl, mix cream cheese, cashew nut paste, car­damom and white pep­per pow­ders, green chill­ies and co­rian­der leaves.

3. Add the mar­i­nated pa­neer to this mix­ture. Mix well.

4. Grill the mar­i­nated pa­neer on a pan or in a tan­door. While grilling, keep bast­ing the pa­neer with ghee (50 gm) to avoid burn­ing.

5. Serve hot.

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