Tasty Treats!

Am­rick Singh, Sous Chef, Rain Tree, Chen­nai, treats you to tan­ta­liz­ing ap­pe­tiz­ers.

Savvy - - Cuisine Savvy - JALEBI CHAAT

Serves 4 IN­GRE­DI­ENTS:

250 gm maida 125 gm curd 250 ml ghee 50 gm onion 50 gm potato 25 gm to­mato 15 gm co­rian­der 5 gm chaat masala 5 gm red chilli pow­der 25 ml mint chut­ney 15 ml tamarind chut­ney 10 gm salt


1. Mix together curd and maida to make a smooth con­sis­tency bat­ter. 2. Heat ghee in a kadai. Pour the bat­ter into the kadai in pearl and mini jalebi shapes. Fry un­til golden. Re­move. 3. In a sep­a­rate bowl, add chopped onion, potato, to­mato, co­rian­der leaves, chaat masala, red chilli pow­der, mint and tamarind chut­neys and salt. Mix well. 4. Add the jalebi pearls and mix. Check the sea­son­ing. 5. Ar­range in a plate and gar­nish with the mini jalebis. Serve.

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