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This is re­ally em­bar­rass­ing but I have to ask: Can con­doms be reused? My boyfriend some­times in­sists on us­ing a con­dom we used in round one, for round two! I find it gross but he in­sists it isn’t dan­ger­ous and that we are helping the en­vi­ron­ment. How can I con­vince him he’s wrong?

Pia Sharma, Bengaluru

Read­ing this, I am grossed out, so it’s time to knock some sense into your dude’s head… en­vi­ron­ment friendly, in­deed! Con­doms are most def­i­nitely not meant to be reused and they can cause se­ri­ous health is­sues. Wash­ing them be­fore reusing does not help ei­ther. Con­doms are meant to pre­vent the con­trac­tion of many sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted in­fec­tions. Reusing a con­dom can re­duce its pro­tec­tive ef­fect, lead­ing to the con­dom break­ing, slip­ping or leak­ing. Try­ing to clean the la­tex makes it more likely to break. Un­rolling a fresh con­dom helps it to be worn se­curely and safely; some­thing that can­not be ac­com­plished with a used, flimsy con­dom, which also lacks lubri­ca­tion post-wash­ing. A reused con­dom is also weak pro­tec­tion against preg­nancy; once it has been used, re­moved, washed, and re-worn. Con­doms are meant to be used ac­cord­ing to how they have been man­u­fac­tured and tested. A con­dom is meant to be re­moved from its sealed pack­age, rolled on,

worn through­out the sex­ual act, and at the end, thrown into the trash, prefer­ably af­ter wrap­ping it in tis­sue or pa­per. Tweak the way it is meant to be used and don’t ex­pect it to func­tion like it is sup­posed to. Never re­use a con­dom, even if that means us­ing a fresh one thrice in one night for ev­ery sex act. And then, would any of us like chew­ing on gum that has al­ready been chewed on and done with?!

My hus­band and I will be go­ing off to the Mal­dives on a va­ca­tion soon and we are very keen on hav­ing sex on the beach – it has been a fan­tasy for both of us. Any dos and don’ts to keep in mind?

Zita Aranha, New Delhi

Love your spirit! And you are right about the dos and don’ts - keep­ing a few tips in mind will en­sure you don’t end up re­gret­ting it dur­ing the act and later… For starters, do carry a blan­ket or a thick sheet to lie down on. Tempt­ing as the thought of soft sand is, it can cause fric­tion burns which are no fun at all. If you haven’t come pre­pared, it’s bet­ter to go for the wo­man on top po­si­tion. Do­ing it bare on the sand could also see you end­ing up bit­ten by tiny crabs, bugs and in­sects that live in the sand. What’s more, sand could end up en­ter­ing the vagina, which could be dif­fi­cult to re­move. This could also be­come a breed­ing ground for yeast and bac­te­ria, lead­ing to in­fec­tions. In case you ex­pe­ri­ence pain, spot­ting or itch­ing you must visit a doc­tor. Some ex­perts also rec­om­mend us­ing mild vine­gar and wa­ter to get the sand out. If you have planned your ren­dezvous dur­ing the day, don’t for­get to slather on the sun­screen so you don’t end up burnt and in pain. Of course, you know bet­ter than to use sun­screen as lu­bri­cant, right? Bad idea, as sun­screen would dam­age a con­dom and lead the la­tex to dis­in­te­grate. Go make your fan­tasy come true!

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