Care fac­tor: Deepika Kr­ishna

Dr. Deepika Kr­ishna, Di­rec­tor of Dr. Kr­ishna’s Can­cer Healer Cen­tre is com­mit­ted to the health of In­di­ans and the ex­pan­sion of Can­cer Healer Cen­tre into an all-en­com­pass­ing health ser­vice.

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DrDeepika Kr­ishna brings the hu­man­ity into hu­man ser­vices and is the first to ad­mit that In­dian’s have more stress­ful things on their minds than health. Time-poor and work-ob­sessed, they are more fo­cused on ad­vanc­ing their ca­reers than tak­ing care of their health. She knows what it takes to de­liver the best care to those who need it most. She is putting the ‘hu­man’ back into hu­man ser­vices. For this she is mak­ing a pos­i­tive dif­fer­ence to hu­man health, which are both a goal and a re­ward. In a can­did con­ver­sa­tion, Dr. Kr­ishna shares her views with Dipika Cho­pra…

Your jour­ney so far

It has been an ex­cit­ing jour­ney so far and I can com­ment on it say­ing as “so far so good”. God has been re­ally kind to help me mak­ing me strong to bring a dif­fer­ence in other’s lives and bring­ing a smile on as many faces as pos­si­ble.

Tell me about a project or ac­com­plish­ment that you con­sider be­ing the most sig­nif­i­cant in your ca­reer. When have you been most sat­is­fied in your life? The project which I re­ally cher­ished and en­joyed do­ing it was “The Laven­der Rib­bon Fi­esta” Not many peo­ple know that the Laven­der rib­bon stands for can­cer aware­ness and I or­ga­nized a Laven­der rib­bon fi­esta where the prom­i­nent de­sign­ers of In­dia came on board to show­case their col­lec­tion in aid of rais­ing aware­ness for can­cer. There were mo­ti­va­tional talks and few Bol­ly­wood friends joined in for this cause and stood by my side to sup­port the event and made it truly big.i love to do events in style and this was one stylish af­fair but a cause so prom­i­nent and so much needed.

How do you achieve work-life bal­ance?

When the fam­ily stands by your side as a pil­lar of sup­port, any woman can work and do fab­u­lous in what­ever she un­der­takes. My hus­band has been my pil­lar of sup­port that al­ways mo­ti­vates me to do what­ever I wish to. Touchwood! My kids do keep on mo­ti­vat­ing me that I should con­tinue my work and they will be re­ally happy to see my work­ing. My mom in law is also very sup­port­ive and takes care of our kids in my ab­sence, spe­cially when I travel to Us,which is quite fre­quently.

What has been the role of luck in your suc­cess?

Suc­cess and luck goes hand in hand. It’s the hard work that works and makes your luck ac­ti­vated. I al­ways be­lieve in the pol­icy - “Lets do our best and God will do the rest.” Luck only works for you when your hard work is put in place.

Ad­vice would you give young women who want to fol­low a sim­i­lar path as you?

I will only ad­vise them to fol­low their dreams, be­lieve in them­selves. It is im­por­tant for ev­ery woman to have the self -be­lief, con­fi­dence and then noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble in this world, which can­not be achieved.

What is the big­gest way in which you see women help­ing women reach em­pow­er­ment?

I per­son­ally feel that women em­pow­er­ment is a wrong and a mis­guided word. Women are no less weak than men. We em­power some­one if one is weak, women lack in no field nowa­days and we should all stand for one an­other and help each other in times of need. To be mo­ti­va­tional and in­spir­ing for oth­ers re­ally make a big dif­fer­ence.

“…I or­ga­nized a Laven­der rib­bon fi­esta where the prom­i­nent de­sign­ers of In­dia came on board to show­case their col­lec­tion in aid of rais­ing aware­ness for can­cer.”

Which Key char­ac­ter­is­tics do you see a fe­male leader hav­ing?

A woman leader should have fol­low­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics: ▶ a) Per­se­ver­ance – women lead­ers should have per­sis­tence, per­se­ver­ance and be able to take any chal­lenges that come your way b) A nur­tur­ing spirit –I think our nur­tur­ing spirit is of­ten con­fused with be­ing lack­adaisi­cal or an in­abil­ity to hold peo­ple ac­count­able which is not the case. It gives a sense of be­ing fair and just with peo­ple and uses our in­tu­ition as our strong­est traits.

c) Con­fi­dence and vi­sion­ary

– It is im­por­tant for women lead­ers to be con­fi­dent and also along side vi­sion­ary to bring about a dif­fer­ence.

What are some of the most in­no­va­tive ways you’ve seen en­trepreneurs lever­ag­ing busi­ness to cre­ate so­cial im­pact?

The en­trepreneurs have their own ways to cre­ate so­cial im­pact. I per­son­ally do not want to com­ment on any of that.

What were the big­gest ini­tial hur­dles to build­ing your busi­ness and how did you over­come them?

It is very dif­fi­cult for any strong woman to go ahead with their busi­ness as mostly deal­ing with men, they get a lit­tle tough to deal up with. But per­sis­tence and strong will power makes you over­come that as well.

“Suc­cess and luck goes hand in hand. It’s the hard work that works and makes your luck ac­ti­vated.”

What has been your great­est mo­ment of suc­cess?

I was hon­oured with the Asian Lead­ers Pride woman of the year 2017 award at Mum­bai, along side other achiev­ers like Su­sanne Roshan, Ki­ran Nadar, Farah Ali Khan and many other well-known dig­ni­taries. It was a great mo­ment to share the stage with these ladies.

What do you do to recharge when you’re feel­ing drained?

I go for a nice spa ther­apy, play board games with kids.

What do you know to­day that you wish you would have known when you first got started?


What 3 books would you rec­om­mend that ev­ery en­tre­pre­neur read?

The Com­pound Ef­fect by Dar­ren Hardy Man­ual for liv­ing BY Epicte­tus The Hap­pi­ness of Life by Rama.

What are some strate­gies that you would rec­om­mend for mak­ing the best use of one’s time?

Time man­age­ment is some­thing that is the need of the hour. One has to man­age time if we need a bal­ance be­tween work and home. I man­age the re­minders and al­ways make the list of things to do ev­ery morn­ing and make sure that I try to fin­ish the max work as pos­si­ble .I also try to bi­fur­cate the work be­tween ur­gent and im­por­tant, and not ur­gent and im­por­tant in the graph.

Who is your hero and why?

My fa­ther is my hero as I have learnt a lot from him. See­ing him man­ag­ing ev­ery­thing, fam­ily, work­place and still been in­volved hap­pily with all of us showed me the way that it is up to us how we want to live our lives. Crib and cry or live and laugh.

“Time man­age­ment is some­thing that is the need of the hour.”

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