In­dia, by virtue of be­ing so di­verse, is a tricky mar­ket for com­pa­nies to mar­ket their prod­ucts… how crit­i­cal is In­dia to the global rev­enues plans & your part­ner?

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Our ca­sual DNA ! We very well un­der­stand that there’s in­tense com­pe­ti­tion in the mar­ket with do­mes­tic as well as in­ter­na­tional brands woo­ing the con­sumers with their of­fer­ings. I be­lieve that there’s no brand with ca­sual DNA like ours in In­dia. We are all con­fi­dent that our brazil­ian made prod­ucts would of­fer con­sumers su­pe­rior qual­ity and we would be a for­mi­da­ble com­pe­ti­tion for many. I am very ex­cited about the ven­ture. In­ter­na­tion­ally, ‘sneak­ers’ is our best per­form­ing cat­e­gory. We did an ex­ten­sive sur­vey of the mar­ket and are glad to as­so­ciate with Met­mill. Cur­rently, we are sell­ing in 70 coun­tries and op­er­ate on the same model. We work with part­ners all over the world, and in some coun­tries we work di­rectly with re­tail­ers. In­dian mar­ket is very sim­i­lar to what the Brazil­ian mar­ket was in the 2000’s. Our In­dian part­ner Met­mill has a ro­bust stand­ing and un­der­stands our DNA very well. So, we shall op­er­ate in In­dia through all the touch points of met­mill and we do not plan to open any ex­clu­sive out­let. We have part­nered with Met­mill, Mum­bai as they op­er­ate via shop-in-shop (Shop­pers Stop, Life­style, Mochi, etc.) and dis­tri­bu­tion for­mat. Met­mill has a strong pres­ence at over 600 point of sale and backed by the lead­ing footwear chain Metro Shoes. In­ter­est­ingly, they also are the largest dis­trib­u­tor for Crocs in In­dia. We are a pre­mium brand with af­ford­able price tag. Our av­er­age price point is the mid­dle range i.e. be­tween Rs. 4000Rs.6500. Which I sup­pose would be ag­gres­sive pric­ing for a pre­mium leather shoes. Ear­leir this year, in May, we had our soft launch and we had in­tro­duced 36 sku’s. In Septem­ber, we plan to launch 16 new op­tions. Though we have around 200 plus op­tions, but ini­tially we want to present the con­sumer with a de­cent sized col­lec­tion. There some great do­mes­tic brands in In­dia, and even in­ter­na­tional brands have a strong pres­ence in the mar­ket. In any new mar­ket, the es­tab­lished brands have an edge and pose com­pe­ti­tion. How­ever, we have prod­ucts to com­pete with th­ese brands.

What would be your on­line strat­egy?

We have our own on­line store and are avail­able on Myn­tra.

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