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Still from the “Don’t Say Vel­cro” Com­mer­cial

The more re­cent cam­paign in 2018 was even fun­nier. It took all the feed­back on the first cam­paign and made a song out of it. Many peo­ple hated the first cam­paign and spoke out about it. And the com­pany used that to make a funny song thank­ing them for the hon­est re­sponse, and atleast now they were aware that the cat­e­gory is called ‘hook-and-loop’.

De­spite this, the brand has a long way to go. Af­ter do­ing a fair bit of re­search, we could not find any big footwear brand men­tion that they use the orig­i­nal VEL­CRO as an in­gre­di­ent in their brand. Some­thing they would want to achieve.

Bally Shoes with Hook-and-loop fas­ten­ers Adi­das x Raf Si­mons with Hook-and-loop fas­ten­ers

They are now on the right track when it comes to get­ting their brand name out there. Build­ing aware­ness. And these funny com­mer­cials have the chance of mak­ing this brand a cool satir­i­cal brand that will get more and more shoe mak­ers to use the VEL­CRO name as an in­gre­di­ent in their shoe. Take­away: This is a wannabe in­gre­di­ent brand. Un­for­tu­nately, it still has a long way to go. But the strat­egy is now clear. They are try­ing to build a brand name by di­rectly talk­ing to the En­duser. All with the hope that shoe man­u­fac­tur­ers, car fur­nish­ing mak­ers, med­i­cal equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers and all the oth­ers use the orig­i­nal VEL­CRO and credit them for it as a sell­ing fea­ture.

The Bot­tom Line

While shoe brands do look at big trends in terms of con­tin­u­ous prod­uct in­no­va­tion in their launches, the move to­wards com­fort and ath­leisure ap­parel and shoes, as well as Retro re­launches, there are mul­ti­ple not-so-ob­vi­ous, but equally im­pact­ful moves that shoe brands can make in In­dia.

The shoe sole can tell many sto­ries for your brand. The sup­port it can give your feet, the spring it can provide when you run, the pro­tec­tion on rugged ter­rains, the trac­tion on slip­pery sur­faces, flex­i­bil­ity for nat­u­ral move­ment, the min­i­mal­ist sup­port for those want­ing to feel they are run­ning bare­foot. This is how we can de­velop this cat­e­gory. By hav­ing a con­tin­u­ous stream of new and interesting brand sto­ries de­liv­ered through com­mu­ni­ca­tion and ac­ti­va­tions. And the sole is a rich source for them.

The zip can be an im­por­tant brand story not just for boots, but even for ath­leisure shoes. It is not that com­monly used and per­haps that is why it is news­wor­thy. It can go be­yond func­tion­al­ity and be a core de­sign el­e­ment. And in this case the shoe brand would not want to skimp and go for a cheap zip. The cost of the sav­ing is not worth the risk.

VEL­CRO has a long way to go in terms of be­ing men­tioned as an in­gre­di­ent brand. The prod­uct how­ever is ac­tu­ally quite com­monly used in shoes, but it is not clear whether it is the orig­i­nal or an imi­ta­tion. Hook-and-loop fas­ten­ers have gone be­yond the school shoe for young chil­dren and is used by many brands for func­tion­al­ity and de­sign rea­sons. Its popularity is in­creas­ing as we see ar­ti­cles on the ‘Best vel­cro shoes of the year.’ And there are some re­ally cool look­ing shoes in that list. So there is po­ten­tial here for the In­dian footwear brand to in­no­vate, de­sign aes­thet­i­cally and not skimp on VEL­CRO.

It is time for us to step out of the usual ev­ery­day mar­ket­ing ac­tiv­i­ties. It is time for in­no­va­tion, time for part­ner­ships, time for a steady stream of interesting brand sto­ries. These three cases are ex­am­ples of un­usual ways to do that. The next big sale will still need to be com­mu­ni­cated. But the ideas and in­no­va­tion fun­nel needs to be pop­u­lated. And there are plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties out there. The author of this ar­ti­cle works at Lowe Lin­tas (part of the Mullen Lowe Lin­tas Group). He is a sea­soned pro­fes­sional with over 2 decades of ex­pe­ri­ence and over 15 years with the agency work­ing on some of the agency’s big­gest clients and brands. Lowe Lin­tas is a lead­ing ad­ver­tis­ing agency in In­dia. It man­ages the most brands from In­dia’s Top 10 Most Trusted Brands. Find him at ab­hi­manyu.mathur@low­elin­

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