Beauty in Love with its Beast

In this is­sue vo­cal fash­ion critic and renowned en­tre­pre­neur Kanika Bha­tia as­serts that any­thing new is of­ten ugly be­cause beauty is pre­dictable in the in­dus­try.

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ash­ion, just like all beau­ti­ful things, has had a long run, with no end in sight thank­fully. How­ever, of­ten we seem to stretch our def­i­ni­tion of beauty. As much as it lies with the be­holder; some do not make the cut and it’s high time we ac­cepted it. Here’s a quick read on why be­ing heinous is so hot right now!

For some­one from the in­dus­try, awk­ward shapes and clumsy cuts might make it to my wardrobe some­times. I pre­fer to call it re­search, but be­tween you and me, it’s as much as a white ele­phant as those $500 clogs celebri­ties are don­ning cur­rently. New York Fash­ion Week had the world’s eyes on it, be­wil­dered may I add, on most oc­ca­sions at not just the lack of wear­a­bil­ity but flim­si­ness of fash­ion fall­ing all over the run­way, lit­er­ally. Why though? Why is ugly fash­ion at­tract­ing the eyes more and more? As the much revered shoe de­signer, Manolo Blank, puts it “I think these very big or­gan­i­sa­tions put huge pres­sure on a de­signer to pro­duce some­thing of the mo­ment rather than fo­cus­ing on some­thing should be en­dur­ing. It should tran­scend fash­ion and trends.”

While women’s wear has been sweep­ing the floor or 5th di­men­sion above the models head (not in a good way, may I add), men’s fash­ion is rel­a­tively pro­tected for now. We un­der­stand how fash­ion since years has been about self-re­flec­tion, rais­ing aware­ness about is­sues that sur­round us and even provo­ca­tion. But are we stretch­ing it too much with push­ing nov­elty and out of box ideas in young minds? We of­ten blame age old de­sign­ers for not bring­ing fresh­ness in the stores but lim­it­ing it to the ramp, but when was fash­ion about mak­ing a mark with de­lib­er­ately awk­ward or epi­demic fash­ion!

From Cavalli to Zuhair Murad, celebrity de­sign­ers known for cel­e­brat­ing fem­i­n­ity and tra­di­tional style of fe­male body, their ap­proach to sen­sual fash­ion has been ap­plauded for gen­er­a­tions. With sex­u­al­ity and sex­ual ori­en­ta­tions be­com­ing more fluid by the day, de­sign­ers seem to be in­flu­enced by chaos, thus try­ing to sell hurly burly cloth­ing. But kids, ugly is not sen­sual. Isn’t the idea of good fash­ion to make you feel more beau­ti­ful af­ter all?

How­ever, we have an­other flip side to the story. Beauty is bor­ing (pic­ture a lot of de­sign­ers nod­ding their heads as I say that.) As Mi­uc­cia Prada said in 2012: “Ugly is at­trac­tive, ugly is ex­cit­ing. Maybe be­cause it’s newer.” From cast­ing un­con­ven­tional models (ku­dos for that by the way) to loud prints, clumpy shoes and odd head­wear, we are chal­leng­ing the norms. Any­thing new is of­ten ugly, be­cause beauty is pre­dictable in our in­dus­try. Let’s not for­get that su­per thin eye­glasses, skinny jeans and crocs were con­sid­ered jolts on the eye for a long time. Cur­rently they are a must have for any­one con­test­ing trends. Maybe deduct the crocs, they are still a ter­ri­ble idea worn by re­ally smart peo­ple. Maybe the idea is to cre­ate some­thing ugly and make oth­ers fall in love with it?

Either way, we wouldn’t be any­where if we didn’t push our bound­aries for beauty. Tam­ing the beast and putting a bow on it might just be a bet­ter ap­proach.

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