Some prob­lems that you might en­counter and so­lu­tions:

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Here is a brief de­scrip­tion of some po­ten­tial prob­lems with their so­lu­tions.

There is no ex­po­sure au­to­ma­tion since you will be us­ing non-ded­i­cated strobes. The ex­po­sure has to be set man­u­ally. So, first set your cam­era to man­ual ex­po­sure mode. Hence, choose a suit­able shut­ter speed to con­trol the am­bi­ent light. Once you set this, se­lect an aper­ture and take test shots. Ad­just the aper­ture us­ing his­togram and high­light warn­ing tools. Never judge the ex­po­sure by sim­ply look­ing at the play­back screen! You can and also should ad­just the out­put level of your built-in flash (in case you are us­ing it as a part of il­lu­mi­na­tion) and the slave strobes to achieve the light­ing you want.

Set­ting Ex­po­sure: Un­wanted light from built- in flash:

If you do not want the built-in flash to con­trib­ute any il­lu­mi­na­tion, keep the out­put level of your builtin flash at min­i­mum. D-SLRS al­low built- in flash to fire at 1/ 64 (or even 1/ 128) of full out­put level and this is nor­mally more than enough to trig­ger slaves. How­ever, even low out­put can cause un­wanted shad­ows. To elim­i­nate all light from the built- in flash while trig­ger­ing you can place a baf­fle or gobo ( like a black card) in front the built- in flash. This will usu­ally elim­i­nate the light from built- in flash. There is also a de­vice (SG-3IR) avail­able for this pur­pose ( Picture 3). Though made by Nikon it can be adopted ( with some mod­i­fi­ca­tion) for use on Canon D-SLRS too.

Po­si­tion­ing of slaves, the line of sight is­sue:

You can have a prob­lem if there is no “line of sight” (due to an ob­sta­cle) be­tween built-in flash and the slaves. You can try mov­ing the slave till there is a line of sight path be­tween it and the built-in flash. This is why, a slave strobe must have a tilt and swivel head for flex­i­ble place­ment.

Your D-SLR does not have the right type of built-in flash or does not have a built-in flash at all:

Your D-SLR’S built-in flash must work in man­ual mode for proper op­er­a­tion. If it can­not, then it will give out pre­flashes and these will trig­ger the slave strobes pre­ma­turely. One way to over­come this would be to use dig­islaves that are ca­pa­ble of de­tect­ing and ig­nor­ing the pre-flashes. If you don’t have digi-slaves or your D-LSR does not have a built-in flash at all, then you can do one of the fol­low­ing:

Use an in­frared trig­ger ( IR) on your D-SLR. With this you don’t need any spe­cial re­ceivers on the strobes since most strobes with an op­ti­cal sen­sor will trig­ger with IR as well.

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