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Vadehra Art Gallery show­cased its solo show of paint­ings

by vet­eran artist S.H. Raza on 15th Jan­uary, 2016 in New Delhi. The show presents some of the lat­est work by the artist, which high­lights his con­tin­u­ous en­gage­ment

and ex­per­i­men­ta­tion with the for­mal el­e­ments in paint­ing. In the cur­rent se­ries of paint­ings, one can wit­ness the sub­dued colour com­po­si­tions emerg­ing from a cen­tral cir­cle (Bindu) which has de­fined a huge body

of his work. The Bindu has been a prime mo­tif in Raza’s paint­ings and it high­lights his in­ter­est in sym­bols, en­ergy,

birth and re­birth. The sim­plic­ity of the form al­lows for a re­gen­er­a­tion of com­po­si­tions with dif­fer­ent colours and

tech­niques. An­other thread in Raza’s works has been an in­ter­est in the land­scape, and in one of the works, he brings to­gether the ges­tu­ral strokes of his land­scape with

the black Bindu and uses text to form a nar­ra­tive about the black Bindu as a lover who has come from the sky to the earth upon his re­quest. Raza con­tin­ues to chal­lenge the bound­aries of his own art with th­ese pow­er­ful and play­ful se­ries of paint­ings.

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