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Kaizer Con­struc­tion now boasts of a new ofce in Kolkata’s Park Cir­cus area. De­signed by Amit Maitra and Kal­lol Baroi of AK En­ter­prises, the ofce strikes the per­fect bal­ance be­tween func­tion­al­ity and aes­thet­ics. This ofce spread over an area of 2,845 sq. ft. is deftly seg­re­gated into var­i­ous zones — the reception area, the MD’s cabin with at­tached toi­let, another spa­cious direc­tor’s cabin, the sec­re­tary’s cabin, ve ex­ec­u­tive cab­ins, a meeting room, a con­fer­ence room, workstation area, store, pantry and toi­let.

The reception area has a vinyl print of con­struc­tion im­agery, on one of the walls that high­lights the company’s prole. The logo be­hind the reception desk is crafted out of laser-cut MDF and is nished with duco-paint. The reception ta­ble is fash­ioned out of Co­rian and has a lit-up onyx stone at the base; which im­parts an aura of magic in this oth­er­wise min­i­mal­is­tic space. The cir­cu­lar hang­ing lights over the reception ta­ble adds an el­e­ment of in­ter­est. The tiger brown mar­ble oor­ing lends a `staid solid look’ betting a con­struc­tion rm.

In the MD’s cabin and the other cab­ins, Ivory and white back-painted Plani­laque glass from Saint Gobain is used for wall pan­elling and writ­ing board. The fur­ni­ture is nished with ve­neer and duco-paint. Wall­pa­per is used to high­light cer­tain walls.

The MDs cabin has Bo­toc­cino mar­ble oor­ing with in­lay work done in tiger brown mar­ble. The pan­elling and fur­ni­ture is done with Hou­dini Larch Euro­pean ve­neer. The par­ti­tion has pat­terned pan­elling to camouage the en­trance door of the cabin. The beige coloured sofa seat­ing, lends the cabin an un­der­stated el­e­gance. The toi­let is nished in duco paint. Mir­ror TV is in­stalled in the lounge area of the cabin. The ceil­ing is a com­bi­na­tion of POP and wood with ve­neer. In the re­stroom at­tached to the cabin, the walls and oor­ing is in com­bi­na­tion of Bo­toc­cino mar­ble and tiger brown mar­ble.

The other Direc­tor’s cabin, has in­ter­lock­ing rec­tan­gu­lar frames, which act as shelves for show­cas­ing arte­facts. Lat­tice­work done on MDF and nished with duco paint lends a dra­matic touch. The ta­ble is a com­bi­na­tion of white and wood colour and has an in­ter­est­ing de­sign with a rec­tan­gu­lar top com­bined with cir­cu­lar pro­tru­sion. “Though it may ap­pear that a sep­a­rate cir­cu­lar ta­ble has been joined to the main rec­tan­gu­lar por­tion, but in re­al­ity, it is a sin­gle unit.” says Amit Maitra.

In the ex­ec­u­tive and sec­re­tary cab­ins, red plani­laque glass is used for pan­elling a por­tion of the wall. Ceil­ing is made of MDF and ply and is nished with duco paint and ve­neer.

As the size of the meeting room is not too big, it has a small ta­ble es­pe­cially crafted for the room. Walls are cov­ered with self-de­signed wall­pa­per, plani­laque glass and de­signer panel from Globoard.

In the con­fer­ence room, the ta­ble is crated out of ve­neer and cov­ered with poly­coated nish. The base of the ta­ble has stor­age space, small niches are cre­ated in the par­ti­tion and is nished with duco paint. The ceil­ing is made with MDF and nished with duco paint. Wood nished tiles are used for oor­ing.

In the work area, there are run­ning workstation with in­di­vid­ual pedestal. The ta­ble top is made of white PVC bend­able lam­i­nate. The par­ti­tion in be­tween the work­sta­tions are nished with Yel­low Plani­laque Glass and the par­ti­tion along­side the pas­sage is nished with duco paint. The stor­age space is nished with lam­i­nate and high­lighted niche por­tion of the stor­age is nished with duco paint. Grid Type ceil­ing is used in this area.

Sim­i­larly, vis­ual prints and wall­pa­pers have been used through­out the ofce to high­light var­i­ous walls. Yel­low and le­mon hues give an el­e­ment of cheery bright­ness in the oth­er­wise se­date largely monochro­matic colour scheme. In­deed, the con­tem­po­rary min­i­mal de­sign of the ofce of­fers a neat spa­cious sim­plic­ity, with ad­e­quate stor­age fa­cil­i­ties, easy-main­tainance and easy mo­bil­ity for the em­ploy­ees and clients.

2 The reception area has a vinyl print of the company’s prole.

3 3 Man­ag­ing Direc­tor’s cabin with a beige coloured sofa set.

4 The con­fer­ence ta­ble is nished with ve­neer and poly­coated top.

5 In the gen­eral ofce space there is a run­ning workstation with par­ti­tion in be­tween the work­sta­tions de­signed with Yel­low Plani­laque Glass and par­ti­tion along­side the pas­sage is nished with duco paint.

7 The other Ex­ec­u­tive cabin is min­i­mal­is­ti­cally de­signed.

6 The other Direc­tor’s cabin has in­ter­lock­ing rec­tan­gu­lar frames which act as shelves for show­cas­ing arte­facts.

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