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Ncube in­te­grates dura­bil­ity, adapt­abil­ity and aes­thet­ics as a de­sign so­lu­tion for the of­fice of Ba­jaj Fin­serv in Pune.

Mod­ern ar­chi­tec­ture sig­ni­fies cor­po­rate cul­tures, in­ter­na­tional styles, de­sign de­vel­op­ment and more. One of­fice that is mak­ing its pres­ence felt is Ba­jaj Fin­serv head­quar­tered in Vi­man Na­gar, Pune.

Ba­jaj Fin­serv ze­roed in on the re­puted ar­chi­tec­tural firm Ncube to de­sign their of­fice, spread over an area of 48,000 sq. ft., The of­fice is jointly de­signed by Prin­ci­pal Ar­chi­tect Deb­ora Emert, De­sign Direc­tor, along with Ku­nal Ve­lankar, Nisha Ma­hadik, Vikrant Parkar, Am­rut Su­lakhe, Shashikant Doiphode, Vicky Gau­tam and Reetesh Mishra.

After an in-depth study of the client, the de­sign team cre­atively in­te­grated their client’s work cul­ture into their de­sign phi­los­o­phy, re­sult­ing in a newage of­fice. Apart from the aes­thet­ics, the build­ing has been worked around the pa­ram­e­ters to re­tain aes­thetic longevity, where the in­te­ri­ors are styled never to look ‘dated’, with its colours and fin­ishes that can re­sist wear-n-tear.

The build­ing is split in two lev­els with re­cep­tion, board­room, open of­fice, cabins, meet­ing rooms, VC room, and toi­lets along with the AHU (air han­dling unit). Though the other floors fol­low a sim­i­lar floor plan, there are a few vari­a­tions ac­cord­ing to spe­cific re­quire­ments.

The cen­trally lo­cated en­trance leads one to a large re­cep­tion area that is con­nected to the sup­port of­fice, a client lounge and meet­ing rooms.

The of­fice’s re­cep­tion area re­flects a strong em­pha­sis on cen­trality and seg­re­ga­tion of move­ment. the lift lobby leads to an in­for­ma­tion desk that stands in the cen­tre with the brand’s logo form­ing the back­drop. the path bifurcates here; the wait­ing area faces the back of ma­jor cabin spa­ces and workstations. this pro­vides an opaque edge that main­tains pri­vacy and se­cu­rity within – keep­ing in mind the work sec­tor of the or­gan­i­sa­tion.

The work ar­eas are de­signed to pro­vide a pro­duc­tive and in­ter­ac­tive work cul­ture, while keep­ing the em­ployee com­fort and sat­is­fac­tion in mind. the workstations are de­signed with a new look in mind that helps cre­ate more space for in­for­mal com­mon meet­ings and dis­cus­sions.

Ex­plain­ing the de­sign of the break-out zone, the team head adds, “the firm has cre­ated ‘break-out zones’ where go­ing a step ahead on this pro­ject to de­liver a meet­ing room with a 4-way par­ti­tion – sav­ing space and con­trol­ling cost hike si­mul­ta­ne­ously – the en­tire workspace is dot­ted with such spa­ces that open up to be­come break-out zones, when re­quired. they gen­er­ate move­ment and mul­ti­ple in­ter­ac­tions that lighten the in­ten­sity of a cor­po­rate struc­ture.”

The man­age­rial cabin, lo­cated on one end, is a good ex­am­ple of space ef­fi­ciency. Other func­tional ar­eas like the video con­fer­ence rooms, board­rooms, AV rooms are all equipped with plasma screens, mo­tor­ized pull-down screens, a large work desk, tech­ni­cal light­ing, etc., all planned for the truly jet-set­ting ex­ec­u­tive.

The de­sign team’s ef­forts in pro­ject­ing the right im­age of the com­pany, the com­fort level of the em­ploy­ees, and play­ing with dif­fer­ent de­sign el­e­ments, has re­sulted in an aes­thetic and func­tional de­sign.

2 2 On the other end, the re­cep­tion area sets the mood for the en­tire of­fice with its sim­ple de­sign. 3 Boho look through ad­di­tion of colours, breaks monotony. 4 A close-knit lay­out has been con­cep­tu­al­ized for in­ter­ac­tion. 5 High ceil­ings con­trib­ute to the spa­cious­ness. 6 The en­tire of­fice is dot­ted with break-out zones to al­low in­ter­ac­tive sec­tions. 7 Note the small seat­ing ar­eas for in­ter­ac­tive sec­tions.

89 & Cabins over­look­ing the workstations are vis­ually con­nected. 10 The work­sta­tion in an all-white colour scheme has an in­ter­ac­tive am­bi­ence. 11 The con­fer­ence rooms and di­rec­tors cabin have been sep­a­rated for pri­vacy. 12 The work­sta­tion ar­eas are cen­trally lo­cated to cre­ate the feel­ing of an open of­fice.

13 The boho look here is invit­ing AnD GEn­uInEly tAKEs Fo­Cus off the oth­er­wise se­ri­ous out­looK. 14 An opaque edge that mAIn­tAIns prI­vACy AnDsE­Cu­rIty wItHIn 15 BAl­ConIEs CrE­AtE BrEAK­out zonEs AnD lInK tHE out­Doors to tHE In­tE­rI­ors. 16 THE CAFE­tE­rIA usEs pops oF Colour to CrE­AtE A so­CIAl En­vI­ron­mEnt.

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