Princess Diana’s life has al­ways been in the eye of con­tro­ver­sies, even af­ter her un­timely death. While this year marks the 20th year of her aw­ful death, ru­mour mills are abuzz with the most scan­dalous ru­mour ever spo­ken about her. Read more…


Princess Diana’s life has al­ways been in the eye of con­tro­ver­sies, even af­ter her un­timely death. While this year marks the 20th year of her aw­ful death, scan­dals and ru­mours are still mak­ing a buzz in town. Vi­nay Agrawal in­ves­ti­gates

Ator­rid af­fair sound­ing straight out of a Mills & Boon read, a fa­tal car crash and se­crets that threaten to un­earth the skele­tons of the royal fam­ily, Princess Diana’s life has been any­thing but or­di­nary and her death, even more ex­traor­di­nar­ily so. For starters, Diana had al­ways been a rene­gade, ques­tion­ing the dic­tums of the royal house­hold in her own ways. Be it her dress­ing sense or her way of life, it seems like Diana re­fused to bend and bow to royal rules. In the most shock­ing tale about her, the grapevine is abuzz that she and John Kennedy Jr shared a ‘hard to miss chem­istry’ and in­dulged in a tor­rid love af­fair, though short lived. In fact, John is be­ing ru­moured to be the best lover Diana had. The hot ren­dezvous is sup­posed to have hap­pened at Diana’s plush pent­house suite at NYC’s Car­lyle Ho­tel in 1995. Both of them had part­ners when they first met. Diana was a mar­ried princess and a mother of two then, while John was ro­man­ti­cally in­volved with Carolyn Bes­sette, who later be­came his wife. De­spite that, ap­par­ently they were drawn to each other like mag­nets, de­vour­ing ev­ery bit of each other. The se­cret meet­ing, ac­cord­ing to an in­ter­na­tional mag­a­zine, is said to have re­sulted in an in­ti­mate en­counter. In 2005, Diana’s ally, Si­mone Sim­mons, wrote about their en­counter in a book. It is said that Diana used to main­tain a log of her love af­fairs, rat­ing them on a scale of one to ten. And, the hand­some John re­port­edly scored a per­fect ten. Ac­cord­ing to a source claim­ing to be privy to Diana’s life, she was bowled over by John and his love mak­ing skills, ex­plor­ing ev­ery shade of it. The source adds that the princess de­scribed it as ‘some­times ten­der, some­times wild’. She was smit­ten by his body, face and his abil­ity to strike a con­nec­tion with her soul. Ac­cord­ing to the mag­a­zine’s sources, Diana even har­boured a wish to mother John’s child, be­liev­ing that it would be the per­fect child. How­ever, in 1996, a year af­ter their meet­ing, John ended up mar­ry­ing Carolyn Bes­sette. Dur­ing the gap, Diana and John are said to have in­dulged in a bat­tery of swel­ter­ing long dis­tance phone calls, with Diana want­ing to be with John when­ever pos­si­ble. Ac­cord­ing to re­la­tion­ship pun­dits, Diana’s failed mar­riage in­voked her desire to be with a man who loved her with a con­sum­ing passion. And, John fit the bill, at least in her dreams. Also at that time, Diana was se­verely dis­gusted by the in­fi­del ways of her hus­band, Charles. Such was the mag­netism of John in her life that Diana osten­si­bly even turned to as­tro­log­i­cal charts to see if the stars ap­proved of their ro­man­tic li­ai­son. But alas! A fling, it was meant to be. When John got mar­ried, Diana sent him a heart rend­ing note wish­ing him suc­cess. She also started dat­ing a new man, Dodi Fayed, a film pro­ducer of Egyp­tian ori­gin. And, then the real tragedy struck. In 1997, the cou­ple were killed hor­ri­bly in a car crash in Paris while be­ing chased by the pa­parazzi. It seems the news of Diana’s death al­most broke John. Though, two years later, trag­i­cally, John and his wife too died in a plane in­ci­dent. May be their stars were meant to align in death. Or, maybe it was a fa­tal ro­mance! Who knows for sure?

... with her hus­band Prince Charles

... John Kennedy Jr with Carolyn Bes­sette

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