De­bonair & Dash­ing!

We de­code the style quo­tient and groom­ing rit­u­als of tele­vi­sion hunk, Vivek Dahiya


How would you de­scribe your per­sonal style?

My per­sonal style would mostly be tailored, cou­ture style as well as a blend of uber sporty. That’s what I re­ally like to carry off.

What makes a guy stylish?

Pair­ing up the right ac­ces­sories with the right kind of clothes, as well as know­ing when to stop. Some­times, we do have ac­ces­sories like bow-ties, hats, belts, etc, but one should be well aware of the com­bi­na­tion. Sim­ple and sub­tle makes it look classy and real. I am not in favour of loud dress­ing and hav­ing brands dis­played on clothes promi­nently at all. A big no to that!

What do you wear when at home?

When at home, I am usu­ally dressed in shorts and a ba­sic t-shirt.

Box­ers or briefs?

Both. It de­pends on what I am wear­ing on top.

Have your ever gone ‘go com­mando’?

Yes I have gone ‘go com­mando’ sev­eral times. I love army prints. I love car­gos and wear them quite of­ten. These days, there is a type of print which is re­ally in trend, the one with the shoul­der badges. It looks re­ally nice and mas­cu­line. A nice fit­ted shirt with army print looks re­ally cool.

Do you pre­fer a clean shaven look or a bearded one?

I am a clean shaven guy. I come from a cor­po­rate back­ground. I am so used to get­ting up early in the morn­ing, shav­ing and then show­er­ing. I like the ma­ture look at times. But, I do sport a beard when I feel like, for the rugged look. But per­son­ally, if it wasn’t for the cur­rent pro­fes­sion I am in, I would hap­pily stay clean shaven all my life.

Most fash­ion­able des­ti­na­tions, ac­cord­ing to you?

New York, Mi­lan, Paris, Lon­don, Is­tan­bul, Stock­holm and Sin­ga­pore.

Which is more im­por­tant while pulling off a look: con­fi­dence or at­ti­tude?

I think at­ti­tude comes with con­fi­dence. So, if you are con­fi­dent about what you are wear­ing and com­fort­able in what­ever you have cho­sen to wear, con­fi­dence will in­evitably re­flect in your at­ti­tude.

What counts as a fash­ion faux pas for you?

When peo­ple wear white socks with black leather shoes in a for­mal at­tire. I only wear white socks in the gym or with my sneak­ers. So, I re­ally feel it is a fash­ion blun­der.

Who do you think are the most well-dressed men and women in In­dia?

The best dressed men in In­dia would be Saif Ali Khan and Rahul Khanna. Com­ing to the women, I re­ally like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt’s dress­ing styles.

Which are your go-to colours?

I don’t have any go-to-colours be­sides black.

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