Sleep Well

TV ac­tor Zu­ber K Khan shares his idea of an ideal sleep rou­tine


Imake sure I take a shower be­fore I sleep. When I am work­ing, I hardly get five hours of sleep due to the hec­tic shoot­ing sched­ules. Though I do make sure I take power naps dur­ing shoots as well. So, dur­ing my day offs, I sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day. I love a soft mat­tress that com­pletely takes the shape of your body and gives you the re­quired com­fort. A vel­vet bed sheet on it would be cherry on the cake. That’s my ideal bed. Good fra­grance around, all the lights turned off and either my cat around my arms or a good soft pil­low that transports me into the la la land.

DIS­CLAIMER: The above opin­ion of the fea­tured celebrity is vol­un­tary. Nei­ther ‘SO­CI­ETY’ nor ‘SLEEPWELL’ is con­nected with the opin­ion.

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