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Ben has done ev­ery­thing right and is off to a new life and job in New York. How­ever, he takes a halt at his home­town to see his wasted dad Wayne. David Spade as Ben’s fa­ther is hi­lar­i­ous from the time he makes an en­try. He is a drunk­ard, psy­chotic and colour blind. Hence, he goes on to crack­ing racist jokes on blacks to black people. Ben’s best friend Larry is the clas­sic cool dude but it’s not his fa­ther that he gets those genes from—Mardy is frag­ile and gets backed down by his eight-year-old step­son. Now a ca­sual ar­gu­ment breaks be­tween the boys, on whose fa­ther would win in a fight? Wayne be­ing the psy­cho doesn’t get the word ‘ca­sual’ and ar­rives at Larry’s place for a fight. Things go hay­wire for all of them af­ter that but never stop be­ing funny for the view­ers. The film es­tab­lishes its nec­es­sary emo­tional con­nect through the fa­ther and son bond­ing in spite of all the chaos. Worth a watch!

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