KP: Global Di­a­mond Pro­duc­tion -11% To $12.4bn

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World­wide di­a­mond pro­duc­tion in 2016 fell nearly 11% year-on-year to $12.4 bil­lion ow­ing to a drop in rough di­a­mond prices, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est sta­tis­tics pub­lished by the Kim­ber­ley Process Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Scheme (KPCS).

In vol­ume terms though, global di­a­mond pro­duc­tion saw a 5% in­crease to 134.07 mil­lion carats. Re­flect­ing the fall in rough prices, the av­er­age di­a­mond price plunged 15% to $92.49 per carat.

In 2016, Rus­sia was the big­gest di­a­mond pro­ducer in terms of value and vol­ume, ac­count­ing for al­most a third of all di­a­monds pro­duced in the world with an out­put of 40.3 mil­lion carats val­ued at $3.57 bil­lion ($88.75 per carat).

Botswana was the sec­ond-high­est di­a­mond pro­ducer in value terms, hav­ing supplied 20.5 mil­lion carats worth $2.84 bil­lion ($138.82 per carat).

The Demo­cratic Re­pub­lic of Congo (DRC) was the sec­ond-largest vol­ume-based pro­ducer with an out­put of 23.2 mil­lion carats val­ued at $246.7 mil­lion ($10.63 per carat).

Canada’s di­a­mond out­put of $1.39 bil­lion made it the third-high­est pro­duc­ing na­tion in value terms, while South Africa came fourth with pro­duc­tion to­talling $1.24 bil­lion last year.

Le­sotho re­ported the high­est av­er­age di­a­mond price of $1,065.88 per carat (342,014 carats worth $364.5 mil­lion).

In­dia was the top rough di­a­mond im­porter in value and vol­ume terms last year. In­dia’s rough im­ports grew 25% in value to $16.6 bil­lion and rose 15% in vol­ume to 149.3 mil­lion carats ver­sus 2015.

In 2016, Euro­pean Union was the top rough di­a­mond ex­porter – 101.4 mil­lion carats val­ued at $13 bil­lion. UAE was the sec­ond-high­est rough ex­porter, at 68.8 mil­lion carats worth $8.5 bil­lion.

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