Amer­i­cans Do Not Con­sider Syn­thet­ics To Be Real Di­a­monds: Sur­vey

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New sur­vey re­sults re­leased on May 21st, 2018, by the Di­a­mond Pro­duc­ers As­so­ci­a­tion (DPA), an in­ter­na­tional al­liance of the world’s lead­ing di­a­mond mining com­pa­nies, and The Har­ris Poll demon­strate that a clear ma­jor­ity of Amer­i­cans recog­nise that di­a­monds cre­ated in a fac­tory (also known as ‘syn­thetic’ or ‘ lab­o­ra­tory-grown’) are not ‘real’ di­a­monds. Con­ducted on May 3rd-7th, the DPA-Har­ris In­ter­ac­tive poll sur­veyed a na­tion­ally rep­re­sen­ta­tive sam­ple of 2,000 peo­ple. Nearly seven in ten (68%) made such a dis­tinc­tion with a sig­nif­i­cant ma­jor­ity say­ing that syn­thetic di­a­monds are not real be­cause they are not ‘nat­u­ral’, nor ‘from the earth’, or be­cause they are made by peo­ple. A few Amer­i­cans (16%) said that a di­a­mond cre­ated in a fac­tory is ‘real’.

Con­sumers de­scribed real di­a­monds as ‘gen­uine’, ‘nat­u­ral’ and ‘au­then­tic’. They called lab­o­ra­tory-grown di­a­monds ‘man­made’, ‘ar­ti­fi­cial’ and ‘im­i­ta­tion’. “Di­a­monds are bil­lion-year-old trea­sures of the Earth that came to us very, very slowly, which makes them uniquely mean­ing­ful in to­day’s on-de­mand world,” said DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieber­herr. “At a time when every­thing ‘ar­ti­fi­cial’ aims to com­pete with, and re­place, ‘nat­u­ral’ and ‘real’, th­ese re­sults show con­sumers care about the in­her­ent value, au­then­tic­ity and sym­bol­ism that a di­a­mond car­ries.”

Added Lieber­herr, “Th­ese re­sults are im­por­tant, and con­firm what our con­sumers tell us: ‘Real Mat­ters’—a per­spec­tive shared across gen­er­a­tions and one that can­not be repli­cated in a mat­ter of weeks. The mak­ers of syn­thetic di­a­monds call­ing their prod­ucts ‘real’ not only goes against the spirit of ex­ist­ing ter­mi­nol­ogy stan­dards, in op­po­si­tion of con­sumer be­lief, but they are also cre­at­ing con­fu­sion in the mar­ket­place.”

The new sur­vey adds to the DPA’s much larger body of re­search, which aims

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