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This par­tic­u­lar work­shop is hap­pen­ing at a very op­por­tune mo­ment of time when across the coun­try for rea­sons other than the na­tional de­bate, there has been a sig­nif­i­cant amount of fo­cus on the ques­tion of de­fence pre­pared­ness and other al­lied/ re­lated is­sues. It is also com­ing right af­ter the stand­ing com­mit­tee had the op­por­tu­nity to scru­ti­nise the de­mands for grants of the Min­istry of De­fence and re­port back to the Par­lia­ment.

What I have been given to un­der­stand is that since this morn­ing there have been de­lib­er­a­tions and an at­tempt to see how as to how we can fix the whole pro­cure­ment sys­tem. That fun­da­men­tally as­sumes that the pro­cure­ment sys­tem as it stands to­day is per­haps bro­ken. I do not subscribe to that point of view and the rea­son why I say is be­cause in the stand­ing com­mit­tee de­fence we heard per­spec­tives from the ser­vices, per­spec­tives from the gov­ern­ment and per­spec­tive of out­side ex­perts also, which led us to con­clude and that part of it gets re­flected in the re­port also, that there are in­sti­tu­tional is­sues which pos­si­bly re­quire a par­a­digm shift in the man­ner that we look at the ques­tion of equip­ping our­selves to­wards pre­pared­ness.

26 per cent FDI has also not brought in the play­ers from the in­ter­na­tional spec­trum pri­mar­ily be­cause of copy­right and other is­sues which es­sen­tially as I have heard is their per­spec­tive which is hold­ing them back.

It’s my per­sonal view that the en­tire sec­tor pos­si­bly needs to be clas­si­fied into a cou­ple of lists, those ar­eas that are non-crit­i­cal, pos­si­bly we can in­vite 100 per cent for­eign in­vest­ment should be al­lowed; in other ar­eas which are pos­si­bly not in the non-crit­i­cal ar­eas where we can look at 49-50 per cent and those ar­eas that are ex­tremely cru­cial to our na­tional se­cu­rity where we do not want that there should not be any out­side par­tic­i­pa­tion, we shall keep it ab­so­lutely closed and say that these are ar­eas that are ex­clu­sively re­served for not even the In­dian pri­vate sec­tor but for the en­tire pub­lic sec­tor to­wards de­fence pre­pared­ness.

There is a feel­ing that it would re­quire a con­sid­er­able amount of po­lit­i­cal con­vic­tion to be able to usher in the sort of re­forms in this sec­tor.

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