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Three im­por­tant per­for­mance pa­ram­e­ters that need to be borne in mind are the sig­nal-to-noise ra­tio (SNR), res­o­lu­tion and mod­u­lar trans­fer func­tion (MTF) and life­time of an II. SNR is the mea­sure of the light sig­nal reach­ing the eye di­vided by the per­ceived noise as seen by the eye. Higher the SNR, bet­ter the abil­ity to re­solve im­age de­tails un­der low light con­di­tions. MTF is the max­i­mum line den­sity on a tar­get that can be re­solved by hu­man eye. High MTF val­ues at low spa­tial fre­quen­cies pro­vide sharp im­ages with a good con­trast. Life­time of an II is ex­tremely im­por­tant for night vi­sion ap­pli­ca­tions.

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