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The last 18 months along the line of con­trol and specif­i­cally the last few weeks on the In­ter­na­tional Bor­der has forced the Army and BSF to be­gin an ex­er­cise to con­struct a re­quire­ment for small arms fire de­tec­tion sys­tems for for­ward posts and bunkers. Sys­tems de­vel­oped by Is­rael, the US and Swe­den have been iden­ti­fied as po­ten­tial con­tenders in a size­able com­pe­ti­tion for an un­spe­cific (but large) num­ber of sys­tems. Top sources tell SP’s the Army and BSF will be look­ing for an elec­tro-op­ti­cal sys­tem de­signed and built to guide its user to the pre­cise lo­ca­tion of small arms fire. The sys­tem needs to be able to de­tect mul­ti­ple small arms and/ or sniper fire sources simultaneously, dur­ing day or night, at long ranges and with high pre­ci­sion and de­tec­tion prob­a­bil­i­ties. The sys­tem needs to be ca­pa­ble of in­ves­ti­gat­ing all fire sources de­tected, ver­i­fy­ing that they are gen­uinely hos­tile fire, trans­fer­ring ver­i­fied tar­gets to friendly snipers and clos­ing the sen­sor-to-shooter loop quickly and ef­fi­ciently. The main fea­tures of such a sys­tem need to be high ac­cu­racy, high de­tec­tion prob­a­bil­ity, si­mul­ta­ne­ous multi-tar­get de­tec­tion, iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and lo­ca­tion day and night ca­pa­bil­ity, and fire man­age­ment ca­pa­bil­ity.

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