Al­maz-Antey – Rus­sia’s Leader in Air De­fense

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AL­MAZ-ANTEY AIR DE­FENSE CON­CERN nowa­days com­bines over 50 en­ter­prises, sci­en­tific re­search in­sti­tutes and de­sign bu­reaus be­ing Rus­sia’s lead­ing pro­ducer and de­vel­oper of the mod­ern air de­fense sys­tems. The Con­cern prod­ucts has been sup­plied to the Rus­sia’s armed forces in quan­ti­ties be­ing si­mul­ta­ne­ously of a con­stant de­mand at the world mar­ket.

Ac­cord­ing to the in­ter­na­tional ex­perts in 2013 Al­maz-Antey con­quered the 14th place on the de­fense sales vol­ume among the top 100 world largest de­fense com­pa­nies.

The huge va­ri­ety of prod­ucts is among the key fea­tures of the Con­cern suc­cess story. The prod­uct line in­cludes: ground-based air de­fense mis­sile com­plexes and sys­tems: – long-range: S-400 Tri­umph, S-300

PMU2 Fa­vorit, S-300VM Antey-2500; – medium-range: Buk-M1-2, Buk-M2E,

S-125 Pe­chora; – short-range: Tor-fam­ily, Osa-AKM; ground-based short-range gun-mis­sile air-de­fense com­plexes: Tun­guska-M/ M1, Shilka-M4; ship-borne mis­sile air-de­fense com­plexes: Rif-M (long-range), Shtil-1 (medi­um­range), Kli­nok, Gibka (short-range); au­to­mated con­trol sys­tems: Univer­sal1E, Baikal-1ME, Fun­da­ment, KrymKTE, PPRU M1-2; aerial tar­gets de­tec­tion radar sys­tems: 55Zh6ME, 55Zh6UME, Nebo-SVU, Gamma-S1, Gamma-DE, Pro­tivnik-GE, Kasta-2E2, 1L121, 1L122, Demon­stra­tor; ground re­con­nais­sance radar sta­tions: Fara-VR, PSNR-8M, SNAR-10M1, Ais­tenok, Zoopark-1; in­te­grated mis­sile sys­tems: Club-M, Club-S; One of the main Al­maz-Antey Con­cern ac­tiv­i­ties is the va­ri­ety of ser­vices on af­ter-sales sup­port for all its prod­ucts be­ing spread over 50 coun­tries world­wide. While the ex­port of Con­cern ready-made prod­ucts has been car­ry­ing out ex­clu­sively through the Rosoboronex­port (Rus­sia’s sole state me­di­a­tor in de­fense trade), Al­maz-Antey has been en­ti­tled to pro­vide the for­eign cus­tomers in­de­pen­dently with the equip­ment spare parts sup­ply, re­pair and upgra­da­tion as well as per­son­nel train­ing.

Long range ADS is the Con­cern trade-mark

Yan V. Novikov, Al­maz-Antey Con­cern Direc­tor Gen­eral

Wide spec­trum of radars from Al­maz-Antey

TOR SHORADS has been suc­cess­fully de­ployed on TATA chas­sis

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