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The pro­cure­ment of bul­let proof jack­ets for the au­tho­rised quan­tity as per An­nual Pro­vi­sion­ing Re­view is an on­go­ing process. The De­fence Ac­qui­si­tion Coun­cil (DAC) had ac­corded ac­cep­tance of ne­ces­sity (AoN) to pro­cure 1,86,138 bul­let proof jack­ets. Re­quest for pro­posal (RFP) in this case has been re­tracted due to fail­ure of sam­ples given by ven­dors in tri­als. How­ever, one time re­lax­ation in ex­ist­ing fi­nan­cial pow­ers of Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) has been given to pro­cure 50,000 bul­let proof jack­ets through rev­enue route. Fur­ther, Com­mands have been given ap­proval to pro­cure min­i­mum in­escapable quan­tity of bul­let proof jack­ets through Army Com­man­ders Spe­cial Pow­ers Fund to meet ur­gent op­er­a­tional re­quire­ments. The bul­let proof jack­ets are pro­cured based on General Staff Qual­i­ta­tive Re­quire­ments (GSQRs) which are re­viewed from time to time based on the re­quire­ment of the armed forces.

This in­for­ma­tion was given by the Min­is­ter of De­fence Manohar Par­rikar in a writ­ten re­ply to Ma­jeed Me­mon in Ra­jya Sabha re­cently.

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