Nex­ter Sys­tems range of ar­tillery fire­power


Nex­ter show­cased a range of ar­tillery fire­power. They in­cluded CAE­SAR; TRA­JAN; 105 LGI, etc. The fa­mous CAE­SAR self-pro­pelled wheeled ve­hi­cle equipped with 155mm/52 cal­i­bre guns pro­vides fire sup­port to a range of up to 55 km with im­pres­sive pre­ci­sion. A sim­i­lar suc­cess can be expected for the TRA­JAN towed ver­sion in its re­ply to the In­dian “Towed Gun Sys­tem” (TGS) call for bids for its first bap­tism of fire. The 105 LG1, a 105mm light gun, sup­plies pre­cise and ef­fi­cient fire sup­port while re­main­ing easy to use and highly mo­bile.

CAE­SAR has ex­cel­lent tac­ti­cal and strate­gic mo­bil­ity. Con­fig­ured at 15.9 tonnes for air trans­port, it can eas­ily be de­ployed in a C 130, A 400M or IL 76 air­craft. Its au­ton­omy of more than 600 kilo­me­tres and its road speed of over 80 km/h make it ag­ile and re­ac­tive. CAE­SAR is fit­ted with a 155mm/ 52 cal­i­bre gun and it can fire any 155mm NATO stan­dard mu­ni­tion (39 or 52 cal­i­bre) and par­tic­u­larly Nex­ter Mu­ni­tions.

It can also fire BONUS type mu­ni­tions, or VLAP mu­ni­tions ex­tend­ing its range up to 55 km. Its five-man crew can make the CAE­SAR sys­tem ready for ac­tion in less than one minute and take it out of ac­tion equally quickly, thus avoid­ing counter-bat­tery fir- ing. Each CAE­SAR car­ries 18 com­plete rounds on­board.

CAE­SAR has been in­te­grated on two dif­fer­ent chas­sis, Re­nault Trucks De­fense’s SHERPA 6x6 for which the last re­vi­sion was Nex­ter’s de­vel­op­ment of an ar­moured cab, and SOFRAME’s 6x6 chas­sis (MercedesUn­i­mog base). This mo­bil­ity orig­i­nat­ing from a com­mer­cial range helps to con­trol its global cost of own­er­ship.

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