TRA­JAN, the 21st cen­tury towed ar­tillery


TRA­JAN is the re­sult of a com­bi­na­tion of two types of proven sys­tems, the 155mm/39 cal­i­bre TRF1 (Iraq in 1991) towed ar­tillery and the 155mm/52 cal­i­bre CAE­SAR truck-mounted ar­tillery (in Afghanistan since 2009), and was de­vel­oped to pro­vide fire sup­port for all types of mo­torised, mech­a­nised or ar­moured units and to per­form fron­tier de­fence mis­sions.

TRA­JAN in­te­grates the fire power of CAE­SAR’ into a mod­ern and very ef­fi­cient towed ar­tillery unit for all fir­ing mis­sions in­clud­ing di­rect sup­port fir­ing, in-depth ac­tion fir­ing. TRA­JAN has very high pre­ci­sion due to the in­te­gra­tion of a muz­zle radar, an in­er­tial con­trol unit and a bal­lis­tic com­puter.

It was de­vel­oped based on the 155 TR-G2 and has been made to sat­isfy the spec­i­fi­ca­tions in the In­dian “Towed Gun Sys­tem” (TGS) call for bids in part­ner­ship with Larsen & Toubro, a large In­dian in­dus­trial group. This ac­tion il­lus­trates Nex­ter’s abil­ity to trans­fer its know-how and con­trol tech­nol­ogy trans­fers.

The In­dian MoD got it right, TRA­JAN was of­fi­cially in­vited to as­sess­ment tests in In­dia this win­ter af­ter the tech­ni­cal as­sess­ment com­mit­tee had ap­proved its con­form­ity with re­quire­ments.

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