Is­raeli ar­moured bri­gade equipped with ad­vanced de­fence sys­tem


The en­tire Iron Trails Bri­gade, a tank bri­gade within the Is­raeli De­fence Force’s Ar­moured Corps, was re­cently equipped with the Tro­phy ac­tive de­fence sys­tem. The new de­fence sys­tem iden­ti­fies and elim­i­nates anti-tank mis­siles be­fore they can reach the tanks on which it is in­stalled.

In the past month, the Iron Trails Bri­gade, which boasts a num­ber of ad­vanced Merkava Mark IV tanks, com­pleted a sig­nif­i­cant ex­er­cise in con­junc­tion with engi­neer­ing forces. This drill in­volved co­op­er­at­ing with other units and fo­cused on the ad­vanced plat­forms used by the unit.

“The Iron Trails Bri­gade’s ex­er­cises are dif­fi­cult, re­flect­ing our be­lief that we must push the com­man­ders to the limit of their abil­i­ties and those of the plat­forms,” said Colonel Ei­nav Shalev, com­man­der of the unit.

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