Strate­gic Forces Com­mand ex­er­cises Agni-i


In­dia’s nu­clear com­mand, the SFC has once again ex­er­cised the 700-km range nu­clear ca­pa­ble Agni-I bal­lis­tic mis­sile. The mis­sile was suc­cess­fully launched 1006 hours on July 13 from Wheeler Is­land off the coast of Odisha. “It was a text­book launch meet­ing all mis­sion ob­jec­tives and the mis­sile reached the tar­get point in the Bay of Ben­gal fol­low­ing the pre­scribed tra­jec­tory,” said Dr Av­inash Chan­der, Chief Con­troller R&D (Mis­siles & Strate­gic Sys­tems) and Agni pro­gramme di­rec­tor. The Agni-I was launched from road mo­bile launcher sys­tem and was tracked by radar and teleme­try sta­tions lo­cated along the coast­line. Two In­dian Navy war­ships lo­cated near the tar­get point tracked the mis­sile in its ter­mi­nal phase of the flight. The Agni-I is al­ready a part of In­dia’s nu­clear de­ter­rence ar­se­nal.

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