Cas­sid­ian ac­com­plishes test flights with Bar­racuda un­manned tech­nol­ogy test bed


Cas­sid­ian has suc­cess­fully car­ried out a se­ries of test flights with its Bar­racuda UAS (un­manned aerial sys­tem) tech­nol­ogy demon­stra­tor at Goose Bay mil­i­tary air­field in Canada.

This year, the un­manned aerial test bed com­pleted five test flights in June and July 2012 in the con­text of the re­search and de­vel­op­ment pro­gramme “Ag­ile UAV in a net­work cen­tric en­vi­ron­ment” .

These in­volved the Bar­racuda tech­nol­ogy demon­stra­tor fly­ing in com­bi­na­tion with an­other un­manned aerial ve­hi­cle, which was sim­u­lated by a con­verted Lear­jet. The two air­craft flew mis­sions where they each had dif­fer­ent role pro­files that were au­tonomously co­or­di­nated and syn­chro­nised with one an­other.

“With these lat­est suc­cess­ful flights by our UAS tech­nol­ogy demon­stra­tor, we have made an­other great leap for­ward in our developments for the world’s most promis­ing fu­ture mar­kets in our in­dus­try,” said Cas­sid­ian CEO Ste­fan Zoller af­ter the fly­ing test bed had landed safely at Goose Bay Cana­dian air force base.

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