HAL seeks part­ner­ship with global ven­dors


Hin­dus­tan Aero­nau­tics Lim­ited (HAL) or­gan­ised a Global Busi­ness Part­ners’ Meet of its ven­dors re­cently to ap­prise them of re­cent changes within HAL to speed up the process of pro­cure­ment and make sup­pli­ers aware of var­i­ous pro­ce­dures, statu­tory re­quire­ments and ad­her­ence to Cen­tral Vig­i­lance Com­mis­sion (CVC) guide­lines. Eighty-three ven­dors, 26 for­eign and 57 from In­dia, at­tended the day-long ses­sion. R.K. Tyagi, Chair­man of HAL, stressed on the im­por­tance of in­tegrity pact and in­tro­duc­tion of e-pro­cure­ment ini­ti­ated by HAL. He called upon the ven­dors to play a wider role as HAL’s part­ner in progress. “We need to think be­yond our re­la­tion­ship as pur­chaser and sup­plier.”

‘In­tegrity Pact’ is a tool to cur­tail cor­rup­tion and pro­mote fair prac­tices in each and ev­ery large value trans­ac­tion. Pre-con­tract ‘In­tegrity Pact’ is a bind­ing agree­ment be­tween HAL and bid­ders for a spe­cific con­tract in which the par­ties prom­ise that they will not re­sort to any cor­rupt prac­tices in any stage of the con­tract.

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