Ac­qui­si­tion of the Growler elec­tronic at­tack ca­pa­bil­ity


Aus­tralian Gov­ern­ment has de­cided to ac­quire the Growler elec­tronic war­fare sys­tem for the Su­per Hor­net, at a cost of around $1.5 bil­lion. In ac­quir­ing this ca­pa­bil­ity, Aus­tralia will be the only coun­try in the world, other than the United States, oper­at­ing Growler air­craft.

Growler is an elec­tronic war­fare sys­tem that gives the Su­per Hor­net the abil­ity to jam the elec­tron­ics sys­tems of air­craft and land­based radars and com­mu­ni­ca­tions sys­tems.

Elec­tronic threats are an in­her­ent part of mod­ern com­bat and Growler will pro­vide op­tions for the Air Force to un­der­take elec­tronic threat sup­pres­sion op­er­a­tions in sup­port of Aus­tralian De­fence Force (ADF) op­er­a­tions, in­clud­ing land and sea forces. The Growler ca­pa­bil­ity can also un­der­take in­tel­li­gence, sur­veil­lance and re­con­nais­sance.

Aus­tralia has 24 F/A-18F Su­per Hor­nets. The Su­per Hor­net is a highly ca­pa­ble, bat­tleproven, multi-role com­bat air­craft cur­rently in ser­vice with the US Navy.

The Growler is a spe­cialised ver­sion of the Su­per Hor­net and is also cur­rently in ser­vice with the United States Navy. The Growler elec­tronic war­fare air­craft was used very ef­fec­tively by the United States Navy dur­ing air op­er­a­tions in Libya last year.

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