In­dian Navy for sub­ma­rine res­cue bell


The In­dian Navy has an­nounced in­ter­est in procur­ing a sub­ma­rine res­cue bell with a ca­pac­ity for 12 men for fit­ment aboard one of its sub­ma­rine res­cue ships. The SRB needs to come fit­ted with a launch and re­cov­ery sys­tem, as­so­ci­ated life sup­port and lo­ca­tor sys­tem (one trans­ducer is to be fit­ted on board SRB). The Navy wants its new SRB to be able to en­able dry es­cape from a depth of 300 me­tres and wet es­cape from a depth of 120 me­tres in tur­bu­lence upto sea state four. The navy has stip­u­lated that the SRB is to cater for breath­ing gas sup­ply for the two crew and ten es­capees in case of dam­age to main um­bil­i­cal. The SRB should carry suf­fi­cient on­board gas in non­cor­ro­sive cylin­ders (work­ing pres­sure 300 bars) ca­pa­ble of pro­vid­ing bot­tom mix­ture, oxy­gen (for oxy­gen make-up) and he­lium for the crew and es­capees for up to 24 hours. Two high res­o­lu­tion colour video cam­eras are also re­quired to be fit­ted on the res­cue bell, one ex­ter­nal and the other inside the work­ing cham­ber. The colour video feed from ex­ter­nal cam­era is to be avail­able in work­ing cham­ber of SRB as well as op­er­a­tor con­sole and in­ter­nal cam­era feed is to be avail­able on the op­er­a­tor con­sole. “The video should give a clear pic­ture about the po­si­tion of SRB w.r.t to the sub­ma­rine,” the navy stip­u­lates, also de­mand­ing life-span sup­port for the prod­uct and all its com­po­nents from po­ten­tial ven­dors.

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