Raytheon suc­cess­fully tests HARM up­grades


Raytheon has com­pleted test­ing of high-speed anti-ra­di­a­tion mis­sile (HARM) up­grades, which make the com­bat-proven mis­sile more pre­cise and ac­cu­rate, while re­duc­ing col­lat­eral dam­age.

HARM sup­presses or de­stroys sur­faceto-air mis­sile radars, early warn­ing radars and radar-di­rected air de­fence ar­tillery sys­tems. The up­grade, called the HARM Con­trol Sec­tion Mod­i­fi­ca­tion (HCSM), adds a GPS re­ceiver and an im­proved in­er­tial mea­sure­ment unit (IMU) for pre­ci­sion nav­i­ga­tion. HCSM also fea­tures a dig­i­tal flight com­puter that merges tar­get­ing so­lu­tions from nav­i­ga­tion and seeker sys­tems. The en­hance­ments im­prove the prob­a­bil­ity of hit, while con­trol­ling where the mis­sile can and can­not fly.

The HCSM ef­fort is an on­go­ing US Air Force-led com­pe­ti­tion be­tween two con­trac­tors, with a down-se­lect sched­uled in 2012 for full rate pro­duc­tion.

“HCSM im­proves HARM’s anti-radar ca­pa­bil­ity to de­feat counter-HARM tac­tics, while re­duc­ing the risk of frat­ri­cide and col­lat­eral dam­age,” said Harry Schulte,

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