Sven Jaschan, young master hacker


Ac­cord­ing to tech­nol­ogy ex­perts, Sven Jaschan will be as­so­ci­ated with some of the big­gest viruses in the his­tory of the In­ter­net. The viruses: the Sasser and Net­Sky worms that In­fected mil­lions of com­put­ers and have caused mil­lions of dol­lars of dam­age since their re­lease in 2004.

The man be­hind the viruses proved to be not even a man at all, legally. Seven­teen-year-old hacker Sven Jaschan, a stu­dent at a com­puter sci­ence school in Ger­many, claimed to have cre­ated the viruses to be­come a hero by de­vel­op­ing a pro­gramme that would erad­i­cate the ram­pag­ing My­doom and Bagle bugs. In­stead he found him­self the sub­ject of a $2,50,000 bounty courtesy of Mi­crosoft for which some of his class­mates turned him in.

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