A new “eye” for the Leop­ard 2 bat­tle tanks


Cas­sid­ian Op­tron­ics GmbH, pre­vi­ously known as Carl Zeiss Op­tron­ics GmbH, will sup­ply the new “At­tica” ther­mal imag­ing unit for the com­man­der’s periscope in the Bun­deswehr’s Leop­ard 2 bat­tle tanks.

Af­ter ex­ten­sive tri­als, the Ger­man pro­cure­ment author­ity BAAINBw (Fed­eral Of­fice of Bun­deswehr Equip­ment, In­for­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy and In-Ser­vice Sup­port) has awarded this Cas­sid­ian sub­sidiary an or­der to de­liver the At­tica to a value of al­most seven mil­lion eu­ros.

The third gen­er­a­tion of ther­mal imag­ing equip­ment from Cas­sid­ian Op­tron­ics thus be­comes the stan­dard for the com­man­der’s Peri R17 periscope, which is also sup­plied by Cas­sid­ian Op­tron­ics.

The use of the At­tica ther­mal imag­ing de­vice sig­nif­i­cantly en­hances the tank com­man­der’s abil­ity to ac­quire tar­gets, thus im­prov­ing the safety of the crew. With the Peri R17, the com­man­der is able to sup­ply the gun­ner with marked tar­gets by day and night, to then be able to ac­quire other tar­gets with­out de­lay. The ac­qui­si­tion of tar­gets can thus be sep­a­rated from their en­gage­ment, which en­ables quicker re­ac­tions.

The At­tica sys­tem meets the com­plex re­quire­ments pre­sented by to­day’s mis­sion sce­nar­ios. This equip­ment, which has al­ready been se­lected for the Puma ar­moured in­fantry fight­ing ve­hi­cle, is thus de­vel­op­ing into a unit which is used across the Bun­deswehr, es­pe­cially in the tank force and mech­a­nised in­fantry, as well as in the ar­tillery. This re­sults in lo­gis­ti­cal ben­e­fits and a re­duc­tion in op­er­at­ing costs when us­ing ther­mal imag­ing equip­ment from the same fam­ily of prod­ucts.

As a con­se­quence of this Ger­man de­ci­sion, other states in the “LEOBEN” as­so­ci­a­tion of Leop­ard user states are also plan­ning pro­cure­ment of the Peri R17. This will fur­ther stan­dard­ise the level of con­fig­u­ra­tion for the LEOBEN states.

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