To meet girl­friend, techie poses as army cap­tain


Umesh Ku­mar, a com­puter en­gi­neer from Ra­jasthan, was ar­rested re­cently for im­per­son­at­ing as army cap­tain to meet his girl­friend in Jammu. He is said to have re­peat­edly breached high se­cu­rity mil­i­tary in­stal­la­tions in his love pur­suit. Umesh was picked up by the po­lice in a rou­tine raid from a ho­tel in Jammu. He later turned out to be a ma­jor catch for the po­lice as they re­cov­ered forged doc­u­ments of sen­si­tive na­ture in­clud­ing army iden­tity cards, smart can­teen cards, med­i­cal records and other pa­pers from his pos­ses­sion.

Dur­ing ques­tion­ing, he re­port­edly told the po­lice that he had forged the doc­u­ments to gain ac­cess to his girl­friend who is work­ing in one of the army hos­pi­tals in Jammu.

“He has been go­ing around call­ing him­self an army of­fi­cer. In the process he cheated a woman whom he promised to marry. We have reg­is­tered a case of cheat­ing against him,” said J.P. Singh, Deputy In­spec­tor Gen­eral of Po­lice, Jammu-Kathua range. What has, how­ever, baf­fled the po­lice is that he has been vis­it­ing num­ber of army in­stal­la­tions in­clud­ing Yol can­ton­ment in Hi­machal Pradesh and Na­grota gar­ri­son of 16 Crops army head­quar­ters.

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