Mahin­dra-tele­phon­ics pitches Ocean­eye radar for MRH


The new Mahin­dra-Tele­phon­ics joint ven­ture com­pany is pitch­ing the APS143C(V)3 Ocean­Eye mar­itime sur­veil­lance radar for the In­dian Navy’s mul­ti­role heli­copter (MRH) in the event that the Siko­rsky S-70B Sea Hawk is cho­sen.

The Tele­phon­ics Ocean­Eye has been cho­sen by the In­dian Navy as an aft radar on its fleet of Boe­ing P-8I long-range mar­itime re­con­nais­sance air­craft on rec­om­men­da­tion by the US Navy—it is one of two pieces of equip­ment that the In­dian Navy has specif­i­cally asked for, that do not come as stan­dard fit on the US P-8A (the other is a mag­netic anom­aly de­tec­tor). Tech- nolo­gies on the APS-143 feed into the more ad­vanced APS-153, the radar that features on the Siko­rsky-Lockheed Martin MH60R multi-mis­sion heli­copter in use with the US Navy, and a prospec­tive front-run­ner for the In­dian Navy’s big fol­low-on for 75 he­li­copters un­der the N-MRH pro­gramme, ex­pected to be floated this year.

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