Pa­triot sim­u­la­tor at Is­raeli academy


The Ae­rial De­fense Academy in south­ern Is­rael now hosts a new Pa­triot sim­u­la­tor, mean­ing ser­vice mem­bers train­ing to op­er­ate the anti-air­craft and anti-mis­sile weapon will be able to prac­tise at home in­stead of trav­el­ling to the United States. “With this new ad­di­tion, we have up­graded our train­ing meth­ods,” said Capt. Matan Shalom in a state­ment. Shalom, who heads the Pa­triot unit in the In­struc­tion Di­vi­sion at the Ae­rial De­fense Head­quar­ters, added that the new sim­u­la­tor would also change meth­ods of in­struc­tion, sim­u­la­tion re­con­struc­tions, and de­brief­ings for the weapon.

The sim­u­la­tor has 10 sta­tions that sim­u­late those in the con­trol trailer of the Pa­triot, in ad­di­tion to in­struc­tional sta­tions that con­trol the ex­er­cise. While the sim­u­la­tion cur­rently asks op­er­a­tors to find and re­act to hos­tile tar­gets, it could even­tu­ally in­ter­op­er­ate with ad­di­tional train­ing tools such as flight sim­u­la­tors.

“The con­nec­tion will al­low co­op­er­a­tion with other for­ma­tions in the force,” said Lt Colonel Ger­shon Zlut­nik, head of the In­struc­tional Di­vi­sion at the ADA. “There may be a time where a pi­lot and a Pa­triot con­troller will have to co­op­er­ate.”

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