Maiden flight of LSP 8


The last air­craft in the limited se­ries pro­duc­tion (LSP) pro­gramme of the light com­bat air­craft (LCA)-Te­jas (LSP-08) took off on its maiden flight re­cently from the Hin­dus­tan Aero­nau­tics Limited (HAL) air­port in Ben­galuru. The per­for­mance of the air­craft was flaw­less, said Dr R.K. Tyagi, Chair­man, HAL. The air­craft was flown cov­er­ing a flight en­ve­lope at su­per­sonic speeds and at an an­gle of at­tack of 20 de­grees which is the cur­rent max­i­mum limit cleared by de­sign. With this, the ini­tial op­er­a­tion clear­ance (IOC) for the air­craft can be ex­pected soon.

Air Cmde K.A. Muthana, VSM, Pro­gramme Di­rec­tor (Flight Test) pi­loted the air­craft on its maiden flight.

The air­craft with a build stan­dard akin to the IOC stan­dard un­der­went se­ries of rig­or­ous checks by the cer­ti­fy­ing and in­spect­ing agen­cies dur­ing the last fort­night with a few taxy checks to as­sess the air­craft per­for­mance. The flight clear­ance by the cer­ti­fy­ing agen­cies was ac­corded to­day for the air­craft af­ter en­sur­ing that all the air­craft sys­tems were func­tion­ing sat­is­fac­to­rily on ground.

Till now air­craft nor­mally un­dergo high speed taxy tri­als prior to the first flight. How­ever, with the con­fi­dence gained by the flight crew and the cer­ti­fy­ing agen­cies dur­ing the build and ground checks a de­ci­sion was taken to pro­ceed with first flight with­out go­ing through a sep­a­rate high-speed taxy trial.

Air­craft sys­tems re­lated to fuel, en­vi­ron­ment con­di­tion, elec- tri­cal and avion­ics which had un­der­gone se­ries of mod­i­fi­ca­tions based on feed­back from ear­lier air­craft func­tioned well.

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