In­dian Navy for bomb dis­plosal ro­bots


The In­dian Navy has an­nounced in­ter­est in procur­ing four re­motely-op­er­ated ve­hi­cles (ROV) for ex­plo­sive ord­nance dis­posal (EOD) pur­poses. Declar­ing its in­ter­est, the Navy has said it re­quires th­ese EOD ROVs for “safe dis­posal/neu­tral­i­sa­tion of im­pro­vised ex­plo­sive de­vices found within naval shore/afloat es­tab­lish­ments”.

The Navy has stip­u­lated that the ROV should be ver­sa­tile with high ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity to al­low op­er­a­tion in built-up ar­eas and field ter­rain and con­fined spa­ces such as in ships, air­craft, buses and trains. In ad­di­tion it should be able to climb stairs (stair height 8”). Like most mod­ern ROVs de­ployed in field ar­eas in West Asian theatres, the Navy wants its prospec­tive bomb-dis­posal ro­bots to be fit­ted with a ma­nip­u­la­tor arm with a grip­per claw, should be wheel driven with re­place­able and re­mov­able tracks. It should also have the ca­pac­ity to fit wa­ter dis­rupter bar­rels with mount­ing bracket.

Im­por­tantly, it should be ca­pa­ble of pick­ing up ex­plo­sives weigh­ing at least 6-kg and up to half a me­tre in length. The In­dian Army has al­ready cho­sen to buy 20 DRDO Daksh IED han­dling ROVs of a limited se­ries pro­duc­tion line. The In­dian Navy is likely to con­sider the Daksh as part of its cur­rent ef­fort too.

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