In­dian Navy for heavy tor­pe­does for new ASW ships


The In­dian Navy is in the mar­ket for new heavy­weight tor­pe­does with “state-of-the-art tech­nol­ogy, of cal­i­bre 534.4mm and length not ex­ceed­ing 7,800mm, to be fired from ex­ist­ing tor­pedo tubes of ships”. The Navy has been look­ing to ac­quire new tor­pe­does for years, and the cur­rent ac­qui­si­tion will be in line with that.

The Navy is al­ready on the verge of sign­ing a deal for 98 Fin­mec­ca­nica WASS Black­shark heavy­weight tor­pe­does for its Scor­pene sub­marines, a deal that ap­pears now to be de­layed by the en­tire Fin­mec­ca­nica con­tro­versy that’s al­ready taken a toll on the Agus­taWest­land VVIP copter con­tract progress. The In­dian Navy needs the new heavy­weight tor­pe­does for its P28 class of anti-sub­ma­rine war­fare corvettes, the first of which is to be de­liv­ered to the Navy by the end of this year. The DRDO’s own heavy­weight tor­pedo Varunas­tra is un­der­go­ing tri­als at this time and is likely to be ready for in­te­gra­tion on plat­forms only by 2016.

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