In­dian Army for heavy re­cov­ery ve­hi­cles


The In­dian Army is look­ing to pro­cure an un­spec­i­fied num­ber of heavy re­cov­ery ve­hi­cles to re­cover stalled, over­turned or bro­ken down heavy or ar­moured ve­hi­cles of the forces. The Army is look­ing for a ve­hi­cle ca­pa­ble of pro­vid­ing re­cov­ery cover for ve­hi­cles over 15 tonnes in all ter­rain (desert, plains, marshy ground, rocky ground and to a limited ex­tent in moun­tains up to 4,500 me­tres above sea level).

It needs to be ca­pa­ble of un-ditch­ing, up-right­ing, ex­tri­cat­ing and pulling wheeled ve­hi­cles up to 26 tonnes. It needs to have a life­span of over 1,00,000 km. With a great deal of in­duc­tions ahead of heavy and ar­moured ve­hi­cles, the Army re­quires a great deal of back-up crash sup­port in all theatres. BEML’s HRV AV-15 (photo’) will be a con­tender in any com­pe­ti­tion that is an­nounced. As re­ported ear­lier by SP’s M.A.I., the Army is in the process of in­duct­ing over 7,000 new ve­hi­cles: 3,500 light bul­let proof ve­hi­cles (LBPV), 2,500 in­fantry mo­bil­ity ve­hi­cles, an un­spec­i­fied num­ber of light-ar­moured multi-pur­pose ve­hi­cles, 500-600 light spe­cialty strike ve­hi­cles and 228 light strike ve­hi­cles, in ad­di­tion to tanks and util­ity trucks.

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