Stealth pro­grammes for spe­cialised soft­ware


As the Aero­nau­ti­cal De­vel­op­ment Agency (ADA) pro­gresses on two key stealth plat­forms, the ad­vanced medium com­bat air­craft (AMCA) and un­manned strike air ve­hi­cle (USAV), it has iden­ti­fied a need for spe­cialised new soft­ware to help the process. Among the key en­abling tech­nolo­gies nec­es­sary to move for­ward sub­stan­tively on both pro­grammes, will be radar and in­frared sig­na­tures on both plat­forms.

Top sources re­veal that ADA has called for in­ter­est from In­dia’s IT sec­tor to de­velop new soft­ware for spe­cialised anal­y­sis of air­frame cross sec­tion and heat sig­nag­tures. The soft­ware will re­quire full-scale sim­u­la­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties, in­clud­ing sce­nario mod­el­ling in terms of radar threat, tar­get and sen­sor tra­jec­to­ries, lock-on range, etc. The new soft­ware needs to have its own script­ing lan­guage so that aero­nau­ti­cal sci­en­tists and de­vel­op­ers can build in new mod­ules ac­cord­ing to de­vel­op­ment re­quire­ments.

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