Agni-iv and Agni-v to be in­ducted in two years


In a first for In­dia’s strate­gic de­ter­rent pro­gramme, the DRDO will be work­ing hard to test, op­er­a­tionalise and in­duct the Agni-IV and Agni-V in to ser­vice within the next 24 months. Never be­fore have two mis­siles with a com­bined range in ex­cess of 10,000 km been slated for en­try into ser­vice to­gether with the coun­try’s Strate­gic Forces Com­mand (SFC). The SFC’s land-based de­ter­rent cur­rently in­cludes the Agni-I, II and III, ac­count­ing for ranges be­tween 750 km-3,500 km.

With the en­try of the Agni-IV and V, In­dia will have mis­siles with ranges out to 7,000 km, cov­er­ing the coun­try’s de­ter­rence needs from a land per­spec­tive for the first time. The Agni-IV, with a range of 4,000 km has been tested twice (in 2011 and 2012), while the Agni-V, with a range more than 7,000 km has been tested once, in April 2012. A sec­ond test of the Ag­niV is ex­pected this year. The next phase of de­vel­op­ment, which may in­clude an ex­tended-range Agni-V (un­of­fi­cially the Agni-VI), will in­clude ma­noeu­vring war­heads, de­coy-war­head per­mu­ta­tion con­fig­u­ra­tions and MIRV.

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