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So can the West re­ally ab­solve it­self com­pletely of com­plic­ity in the over 1,00,000 civil ca­su­al­ties in Syria? The game is not only about the Shi­aSunni strife but mul­ti­ple fac­tions fight­ing and above all con­trol of oil, and the next likely tar­get of the U

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The much an­tic­i­pated puni­tive strikes by the United States against Syria have been put on hold for the time be­ing. This comes af­ter the re­cent US-Is­rael joint mis­sile test in the Mediter­ranean and the Sec­re­tary of State John Kerry putting forth his ar­gu­ments to the US Se­nate For­eign Re­la­tions Com­mit­tee that not strik­ing Syria will un­der­mine US cred­i­bil­ity, en­dan­ger Is­rael and that US aim is not war but de­grad­ing mil­i­tary po­ten­tial of Syria.

On the vi­tal ques­tion of who re­leased sarin gas on the hap­less Syr­ian pub­lic, John Kerry re­sponded es­tab­lish­ing this is out­side the UN man­date but US had proof that the Syr­ian regime was re­spon­si­ble. US ef­forts to ob­tain UN sanc­tion for in­ter­ven­tion have been un­suc­cess­ful with Rus­sia and China op­pos­ing it. Also, the Bri­tish Par­lia­ment has voted against Bri­tish par­tic­i­pa­tion in any strike. Pres­i­dent Barack Obama is to seek sanc­tion of the US Congress next week, the US Se­nate For­eign Re­la­tions Com­mit­tee hav­ing agreed on a draft res­o­lu­tion of a 60-day limit on mil­i­tary ac­tion with a pos­si­ble 30-day ex­ten­sion but with­out us­ing ground troops.

The res­o­lu­tion may eas­ily sail through the Se­nate but Democrats will likely chal­lenge it in the House. Mean­while, UN Gen­eral Sec­re­tary, Ban Ki-moon has said that US must seek UN Se­cu­rity Coun­cil ap­proval and con­cur­rently Rus­sian Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin has warned against uni­lat­eral US ac­tion in Syria call­ing US charge against Pres­i­dent Bashar As­sad of Syria hav­ing used chem­i­cal weapons “ut­terly ab­surd”.

Ac­cord­ing to a re­port cir­cu­lat­ing on the In­ter­net, Prince Ban­dar bin Sultan of Saudi Ara­bia, dur­ing his re­cent visit to Rus­sia, pledged to safe­guard Rus­sia’s naval base in Syria if the As­sad regime is top­pled, but he also hinted at Chechen ter­ror­ist at­tacks on Rus­sia’s Win­ter Olympics in Sochi if there is no ac­cord. Con­cur­rently, Lon­don’s Tele­graph News Ser­vice re­ported that Saudi Ara­bia has se­cretly of­fered Rus­sia a sweep­ing deal to con­trol the global oil mar­ket and safe­guard Rus­sia’s gas con­tracts, if Krem­lin backs away from the As­sad regime in Syria, an of­fer Putin turned down.

More sig­nif­i­cant is a re­port by the Fed­eral Se­cu­rity Ser­vice of the Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion (FSB) that Bri­tain De­fence, one of the largest pri­vate mer­ce­nary forces in the world, was the tar­get of a “mas­sive hack” of its com­puter files by an “un­known state-spon­sored en­tity” this past Jan­uary who then re­leased a num­ber of crit­i­cal e-mails be­tween its top two ex­ec­u­tives, founder Philip Doughty and his Busi­ness De­vel­op­ment Di­rec­tor David Gould­ing dis­clos­ing that the Obama regime has ap­proved a “false flag” at­tack in Syria us­ing chem­i­cal weapons, and that Bri­tain has been ap­proved to par­tic­i­pate in the West’s war on Iran. One e-mail from Gould­ing reads, “Phil, we’ve got a new of­fer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris pro­pose an at­trac­tive deal and swear that the idea is ap­proved by Wash­ing­ton. We’ll have to de­liver a CW (chem­i­cal weapon) to Homs (Syria), a Soviet ori­gin g-shell from Libya sim­i­lar to those that As­sad should have. They want us to de­ploy our Ukrainian per­son­nel that should speak Rus­sian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums pro­posed are enor­mous.”

There is much in the news about Syr­ian rebel al-Nusra be­ing in pos­ses­sion of sarin gas and Rus­sia seek­ing ex­pla­na­tion from Tur­key but who sup­plied the sarin may be dif­fi­cult to es­tab­lish with­out an in­ter­na­tional com­mis­sion with all the pre­vail­ing sub­terfuge. Be­sides, ap­pre­hen­sions are nat­u­ral af­ter US pre­sented false ev­i­dence of nu­clear weapons as ex­cuse to in­vade Iraq. Then are many re­ports in US me­dia that US has been us­ing Al-Qaeda to as­sist the rebels in Syria.

Paul Joseph Wat­son in his ar­ti­cle “Whether Amer­ica Shares its Val­ues with Ter­ror­ists” wrote more than an year back that just as Al-Qaeda ter­ror­ists were used to oust Gaddafi, hun­dreds of Libyan rebels with Al-Qaeda will­ing mem­bers were be­ing air­lifted into Syria to aid op­po­si­tion in car­ry­ing out at­tacks against gov­ern­ment forces. So can the West re­ally ab­solve it­self com­pletely of com­plic­ity in the over 1,00,000 civil ca­su­al­ties in Syria? The game is not only about the Shia-Sunni strife but mul­ti­ple fac­tions fight­ing and above all con­trol of oil, and the next likely tar­get of the US be­ing Iran.

As far back as March 2007, Gen­eral Wes­ley Clark, for­mer Supreme Al­lied Com­man­der, NATO, had dis­closed that while bomb­ing of Afghanistan had com­menced in prepa­ra­tion of US invasion, US had al­ready de­cided to take out seven coun­tries start­ing with Iraq, and then Syria, Le­banon, Libya, So­ma­lia, Su­dan and, fin­ish­ing off, Iran.” Hope­fully bet­ter sense will pre­vail but US cruise mis­sile strikes (in con­junc­tion with France) may still take place, which will have ad­verse eco­nomic con­se­quences for In­dia be­sides af­fect­ing the In­dian di­as­pora in the re­gion.

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