Raytheon demon­strates new seeker tech­nol­ogy for Tom­a­hawk Block IV mis­sile


Raytheon Com­pany com­pleted a suc­cess­ful field test of an ad­vanced elec­tronic sup­port mea­sure (ESM) seeker in­stalled in a Block IV Tom­a­hawk mis­sile as part of the com­pany’s new prod­uct im­prove­ment pro­gramme.

The ESM seeker in­cor­po­rates a sta­teof-the-art pro­ces­sor and an­tenna to lo­cate and track mov­ing and fixed emit­ting tar­gets. The seeker’s ca­pa­bil­ity was val­i­dated in a re­al­is­tic high-den­sity en­vi­ron­ment af­ter seven months of test­ing in ane­choic cham­bers.

“This new mov­ing tar­get ca­pa­bil­ity would en­hance Tom­a­hawk’s al­ready ex­cep­tional land at­tack mode ca­pa­bil­ity by al­low­ing it to en­gage mov­ing tar­gets on land,” said Roy Donel­son, Tom­a­hawk Pro­gram Di­rec­tor for Raytheon Mis­sile Sys­tems. “We be­lieve this evo­lu­tion would align with the Depart­ment of De­fense’s vi­sion of in­creas­ing ca­pa­bil­ity while main­tain­ing de­vel­op­ment costs.”

The new multi-mode seeker tech­nol­ogy would al­low the Navy’s Sur­face Ac­tion Group to fire Tom­a­hawks from sanc­tu­ary and de­feat mo­bile threats at long range.

With a range of ap­prox­i­mately 1,000 statute miles, the Tom­a­hawk Block IV mis­sile is a sur­face- and sub­ma­rine-launched pre­ci­sion strike stand-off weapon. Tom­a­hawk is de­signed for long-range pre­ci­sion strike mis­sions against high-value and heav­ily de­fended tar­gets. More than 2,000 Tom­a­hawks have been em­ployed in com­bat. Tom­a­hawk is in­te­grated on all ma­jor US sur­face com­bat­ants, as well as US and UK sub­sur­face plat­forms, in­clud­ing the Los An­ge­les, Vir­ginia, Ohio, As­tute and Trafal­gar class sub­marines.

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