In­no­va­tive fire­fight­ing sys­tem ap­proved for the C-27J Spar­tan


ne of the Ro­ma­nian Air Force’s C-27Js will be the first air­craft in Europe to use an in­no­va­tive fire­fight­ing sys­tem. In the sev­eral past weeks, Ale­nia Aer­ma­c­chi con­ducted in­tense op­er­at­ing and train­ing tests on the air­craft, which in­cluded the new fire­fight­ing sys­tem on­board.

Ale­nia Aer­ma­c­chi re­cently com­pleted an ex­per­i­men­tal cam­paign in a Ro­ma­nian moun­tain range with a C-27J that op­er­ates with the Fortele Ae­riene Române —the Ro­ma­nian Air Force. The ob­jec­tive of the cam­paign was to test the in­no­va­tive fire­fight­ing sys­tem called Cay­lym Guardian. The sys­tem al­lows C-27Js to drop up to six large card­board con­tain­ers on bush­fires; each con­tainer has a ca­pac­ity of 1,000 litres wa­ter or ex­tin­guish­ing liq­uid.

The sys­tem al­lows for a quick, ac­cu­rate and in­no­va­tive way to fight bush­fires. Us­ing the C27J’s sys­tem of in-flight drop, the Guardian guar­an­tees ex­treme pre­ci­sion of the drop and cre­ates a re­tar­dant liq­uid

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