As­tra car­riage tri­als suc­cess­fully in progress


While the Te­jas team gets set to test the Derby BVRAAM as part of the FOC regime, a team in Pune is tick­ing off per­for­mance points on the indige­nous As­tra indige­nous BVRAAM. The mis­sile, in­te­grated with a mod­i­fied Su-30MKI, is cur­rently un­der­go­ing car­riage tri­als, the fi­nal phase of tri­als be­fore a first ever test­fir­ing from an air­borne plat­form next year.

As re­ported ear­lier by SP’s, cap­tive flight test for the As­tra mis­sile on the Su30MKI air­craft was planned in three phases: Phase-1, to carry out aero-struc­tural and me­chan­i­cal in­tegrity for car­riage of As­tra un­der steady and ma­noeu­vring con­di­tions, Phase-2 to carry out val­i­da­tion of weapon con­trol sys­tem and its elec­tri­cal and avionic in­ter­faces with As­tra mis­sile and in Phase3, to check the per­for­mance of mis­sile sys­tem in trans­mit­ting and re­ceiv­ing mode of mis­sile seeker with des­ig­nated tar­get un­der dif­fer­ent flight con­di­tions. While the As­tra Mk.1 will have an in­ter­cept range of 44 km, it will be the As­tra Mk.2 that will be a true force mul­ti­plier weapon, with an in­ter­cept range in ex­cess of 100 km—work has al­ready be­gun on ex­pand­ing the per­for­mance of the base­line mis­sile ver­sion. The As­tra will ul­ti­mately be tested on the Te­jas Mk.1 be­fore it be­comes the stan­dard fit weapon on the Te­jas Mk.2.

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